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As the weather gets colder in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s one type of accessory that never goes out of style — the oversized scarf. Besides looking stylish, oversized scarves make you feel like you're wrapped inside a cocoon of warmth and are a cozy addition to any wardrobe. In this article, we selected three patterns that are excellent companions for the colder months.

These designs are perfect to be worn by anyone regardless of gender and can complement a wide range of outfits. They're great for gift knitting; however, I must warn you about a superstition known as "the scarf curse.” According to knitting tradition, if you knit a scarf as a gift for your romantic interest, the relationship may come to an end as soon as you finish the project. I can't affirm whether it's true or not, but I'd rather not take the chance!

a mannequin wearing a oversized beige and rust scarf
© Meret Bützberger

Tender Hug, the latest pattern by Meret Bützberger, is a very wide and long shawl, the kind that will save you on freezing cold days. The stitch pattern is very simple, so it's ideal for knitflix.

You'll need two yarns for this project — 1050 meters (1146 yards) for the main color and 525 meters (537 yards) for the contrasting color. The designer chose a very unusual blend for the sample piece — a combination of cashmere, possum, and mulberry silk by Zealana Yarns.

man wearing an oversized mustard scarf and black clothes
© Rastus Hsu

Rastus Hsu's Brette is an interesting design in origami knitting. Although the pattern looks complex, it's made up of simple knit, purl, and twisted stitches.

To knit this project, you'll need around 1518 to 1554 meters (1660 to 1700 yards) of sport-weight yarn. We suggest you avoid semi-solid or variegated yarn and choose a solid color, such as the beautiful mustard used in the sample piece, to make the origami design stand out.

a woman wearing a black scarf with blue stripes
© Purl Soho

The Slanting Stripes Scarf is a free pattern by Purl Soho. It's a bias design in garter stitch, which is perfect for beginner knitters. Although it's a very simple project, the stripes help keep you motivated. Fortunately, it's not necessary to cut the yarn every time you change colors, so you won't have a million ends to weave in after finishing knitting, which would be a dreadful task!

The pattern is knit with around 823 meters (900 yards) of a fingering-weight yarn. If you like variegated or speckled yarns, you can choose one for the stripes and get a very aesthetically interesting result.

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