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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

Cotton is the most used natural fiber in the world, with about half of the world’s consumption in textile fibers, including its use in industrial production. It’s ideal for fabrics worn in hot and humid climates, which are light, comfortable, and easy to wash. Cotton is breathable, absorbs sweat, and allows the skin to breathe. It’s hypoallergenic, helping to prevent itching, infections, and allergies. It’s soft and versatile, which makes it ideal for summer garments.

Now that summer is here in the northern hemisphere, new tees and tank top patterns are being released on Ravelry. In this article, we suggest three summer projects, starting with a classic one.

Anker's Summer Shirt pattern by PetiteKnit
© PetiteKnit

Anker’s Summer Shirt is one of PetiteKnit’s most famous patterns, with almost 7000 projects on Ravelry. She has created several versions of the “Anker” design and, of course, released its summer version for knitting in cotton. Before starting yours, we suggest you check out some of the projects to see how they look in different colors and sizes.

Stella top pattern by Svetlana Volkova
© Svetlana Volkova

Stella by Svetlana Volkova is a tight-fitting tank top. When knitted in cotton, tank tops are ideal for hot climates. This design is an excellent casual-wear wardrobe staple.

Tolsta Tee pattern by Rebecca Clow
© Rebecca Clow

Rebecca Clow's Tolsta Tee is the perfect raglan-type summer t-shirt. Its basic pattern becomes a canvas where you can play with your creativity. Stripes, lace, embroidery, everything fits in this tee. The pattern includes an additional document so you can customize the garment—a perfect project to spend your stash on.

These are different ideas to be made in 100% cotton; if we get into blends with other fibers, the number of possibilities multiplies. Have you already chosen your summer projects?



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