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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

I was recently watching the fourth season of a series called You on Netflix. As a knitter, my eyes are always fixed on the protagonists' sweaters when I watch something. I ask myself: what kind of yarn is it? What project would I do? And in what colors?

Netflix – You
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In the series, one of the actors wears a furry light sweater. A garment with these characteristics never goes unnoticed by a knitter. It looked like the softest, warmest sweater in the world. My creative mind fired up, and I started to come up with ideas. It was time to stop watching and look for a pattern.

Looking at it more carefully, my husband asked me if it was made with angora or mohair yarn. Both fibers are light and create soft yarns with a beautiful luster. The big difference between them is that they come from different animals.

Angora fiber comes from the angora rabbit. It’s a very delicate fiber that, in most cases, must be combined with another fiber. Mohair is the fiber produced by the Angora goat. They’re very different animals; however, their names can sometimes lead to confusion.

Mohair fiber forms a soft, strong, and resistant yarn. It’s thermo-insulating and has a unique and irresistible shine. When spun together with silk, it has a nice drape. When held together with another thread, thicker needles can be used.

While looking for information on mohair and angora with my husband, I was also looking for a pattern. If I’d knit something for myself, I’m sure that I'd make a single-colored pashmina. It's a perfect project to wear around the neck and inside the coat. But it’s also an accessory that I can wear draped over my shoulders and coat, which would totally upgrade my outfit.

However, after seeing the actor wearing the sweater again, I decided to knit a sweater for my husband. Hugging someone wearing a soft sweater like this must be a real treat.

I envisioned it in a light solid color to pair with dark denim pants under a jacket. I can see it in my mind.

While we watched the series, I kept thinking about my new project in mohair. Soon we will start watching another series, and I'll have a new project in progress. I am looking forward to finding in it something else that will inspire me to do another project. Has it happened to you? I bet it has!


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