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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Welcome back, dear knitters, to the second part of our sneak peek into the fascinating world of Barcelona Knits 2023! In our previous article, we introduced you to the first set of maestros gracing the festival with their wisdom and experience. If you thought that was exciting, well, hold on to your knitting needles because we are about to introduce the last five maestros at Barcelona Knits 2023. I hope you enjoyed the warm-up about the first batch of teachers. Get ready for the workout!

Barcelona Knits 2023

Linda Marveng

Marveng is a Norwegian designer who is well known for her intricate cabled designs that display technique, patience, and fashion in unique pieces. Linda combines her passion for design with translation activities and teaching in international fairs, so you can bet you will receive an excellent teaching experience as her experience precedes hers. She will teach two workshops in English: “Cable Knitting Masterclass” for intermediate students, and “Professional Finishing” for intermediate and advanced level. What makes the difference between a good and an excellent garment is the details! And Linda will drive you through them to enhance the quality of your knitting.

Laura Algarra

Meet Laura Algarra, the heart and soul behind a cherished crochet design brand that features unique "cachivaches," or accessories. All her creations are handcrafted in Valencia, Spain. A trained Elementary School teacher specializing in the Montessori approach, Laura brings a valuable learning philosophy to her workshops - one that empowers students through hands-on experience and fosters independence. This year, Laura is offering two advanced workshops. The first, "Iniciación al diseño, construcciones y escalado para prendas a crochet," delves into the design and grading of crochet patterns. This workshop might be theoretically intensive, but it promises to impart invaluable knowledge for those looking to elevate their crochet game. The second workshop, "Detalles y acabado profesional en chaquetas a crochet," focuses on providing a professional finish to crochet garments, equipping you with the finer nuances of crafting exquisite crochet pieces.

Jandi Gardiazabal

Allow me to introduce you to Jandi Gardiazabal, a shining star in the world of knitting design and education hailing from Chile. Creativity runs deep in Jandi's veins, as she comes from a family that has long been immersed in the arts of knitting, sewing, and embroidery. A wizard with the color wheel, Jandi possesses an almost uncanny knack for color and color combinations. She is the author of “Botanic,” a book about the jacquard colorwork technique of botanic motifs. She will teach the introductory workshop about jacquard, “Aprende la técnica Jacquard”, and and intermediate level workshop about design with this colorwork technique, “Diseña tu primer tejido Jacquard.”

James Nolan Watts

Meet James, an American knitwear designer and musician residing in Zagreb, Croatia, who found his calling in textile arts at a young age. Initiated into the world of crochet by his mother during his high school years, he soon branched out into knitting and sewing, self-teaching these crafts with a relentless passion. The advent of the pandemic soon after catalyzed him to dive fully into designing. James draws his inspiration from texture, technique, and color. He specializes in creating garments and accessories that are inclusive of all sizes and suitable for all climates and seasons, reflecting a designer with a truly inclusive and versatile approach. James will teach two workshops, both taught in English and designed to be accessible for all skill levels. The first one, "Introduction to Lace Knitting," will provide an excellent platform for newcomers to this delicate and intricate technique, and "Modular/Join-as-You-Go Knitting Technique," promises to immerse attendees in the fascinating world of modular knitting, where pieces are cleverly joined during the knitting process.

Anna Husemann

Finally, the remarkable Anna Husemann rounds out our stellar lineup of teachers for Barcelona Knits Festival 2023. I've previously praised Anna in my review of her phenomenal Domestika course. A German designer who harbors a deep affection for textures, ecological materials, sustainable fabric, and the distinctive intarsia technique, Anna's work echoes the latest trends that have gripped the knitting world. This technique's popularity shows no signs of waning, making now the perfect time to familiarize yourself with it. So, if you've been yearning to master intarsia, seize this opportunity! Anna will be conducting an intermediate-level workshop titled "Intarsia Introduction." Additionally, she'll share her secrets to creating engaging textures in garments in her workshop “Creating textures,” adding yet another feather to your knitting cap.

The floor is yours!

And there you have it, the complete lineup of talented artisans lending their expertise to Barcelona Knits 2023. As you can see, we have an exciting array of workshops in store for you, taught by some of the leading names in the knitting world. Each of them brings a unique perspective, expertise, and personal flair to their craft, making this year's festival a treasure trove of learning experiences.

Whether you're a beginner eager to immerse yourself in the world of knitting, an intermediate knitter looking to refine your techniques, or an experienced knitter ready to delve into more advanced topics, there's something for everyone. So, don't wait! Reserve your spot now and prepare to be inspired, learn new skills, and, most importantly, have fun in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Stay tuned for more updates about the festival, and as always, keep those knitting needles at the ready. Happy Knitting!


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