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Updated: Sep 5, 2023

I’m sure most of us are at least a little familiar with brioche knitting. Even if you haven’t tried out the technique yourself, you would probably recognize it. But for those of you who aren’t acquainted with this knitting technique, what is it exactly?

What is brioche knitting?

I’ve noticed that brioche has become increasingly popular, and a lot of knitwear designers have patterns that incorporate the brioche stitch.

Brioche is a type of stitch in knitting that creates a reversible and ribbed fabric. The fabric is created by slipping stitches and making yarn overs in one row, then knitting them together in the next.

It sounds kind of complicated, but once you get into the rhythm of it, it can be very relaxing.

If you’re ready to add this technique to your repertoire, here are some patterns to get you started.

Gina's brioche hat and cowl
© Purl Soho

This free pattern is a 2 in 1, and it’s a perfect first brioche project.

You can get a feel for brioche by knitting the cowl. It's a super simple project that doesn't need any increasing or decreasing, just knitting the brioche stitch in the round. If you enjoy it, you can move on to the hat, which is also knit in the round but includes decreases to shape the crown.

Plumpy by Andrea Mowry
© Andrea Mowry

Plumpy shawl by Andrea Mowry is stunning, and I definitely want to make one. It’s knit in 3 or 4 colors, and consists of brioche and garter stitch. It's the perfect combo of squishy stitches, plus the garter sections offer a little respite from brioche. There are instructions for a sport or DK weight version.

Agnete Cardigan - Petite Knit
© Petite Knit

If you’re ready for a little bit more of a challenge, you can try knitting the Agnete Cardigan by PetiteKnit. This design is so stylish and trendy. There are nine sizes to choose from, and it uses a strand of fingering weight yarn held together with mohair, making it a super cozy cardigan.

There are so many different designs out there that incorporate brioche knitting, you’re sure to find one you love! It may take a little practice but after time, you’ll master the brioche stitch and will want to knit every brioche pattern you can find.


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