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Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Carmen García de Mora is undoubtedly one of Spain’s most talented designers, so when I found out she had released a workshop at Domestika, I was instantly interested in taking it. It's called Design and Creation of Seamless Knitwear with Circular Needles and focuses on circular yoke sweaters.

The course is taught in Spanish with subtitles in English, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Italian, and Polish.

table with computer, paper, pen, knitting needles, scissors, yarn bowl, and gauge swatches
© Pris Lopes

This type of construction is simple and beginner-friendly. The yoke grows radially from the neckline and is divided into segments like pizza slices, but with a hole in the center (I guess a Brazilian milk pudding would be a better analogy). The workshop does not include short row shaping for the neck, but it shows how to adapt decorative stitch patterns on the yoke.

Carmen walks you through every step of the design process and then teaches you how to follow your custom pattern. She begins showing how to measure your body and choose the amount of ease. Then she explains how to calculate your sweater based on a gauge swatch.

As a designer, I appreciated how she emphasized the importance of gauge swatches. Let’s face it: many knitters still hate swatching. I guess that is why some knitting instructors are tempted to overlook this essential step in the design process. Carmen is not one of them, though. She explains why gauge should not be ignored and teaches how to swatch in the round. She also shows how to block and care for your sweaters.

The additional resources and handouts are beautifully designed and contain valuable information, including a sizing chart with standard measurements for women, men, and children. They are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Besides all the knowledge about knitting that Carmen shares with us, her workshop is a relaxing and pleasant experience. She explains every detail in a soft, calm voice, and you can feel she knows what she is talking about. I hope one day I will have the opportunity of participating in one of her live workshops in Spain. Until then, I must say that I really enjoyed this workshop and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get started with creating their designs.


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