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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

crochet-at-the-oscarsWe are all aware of the fact that movies are no longer the main focus on Oscars night! The flashes don't stop on the red carpet, and haute couture's beautiful gowns and impressive jewelry steal the spotlight. Somewhere in between the award ceremony happens, and then the real party begins! Everyone who is someone goes to the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party, changes their wardrobe, and hits the dance floor.

Justin Bieber wears a crochet blanket

And that is when Justin Bieber comes up wearing a crochet blanket! The media was on fire, but not for the right reasons, at least for us crocheters.

To start, they disapproved of Bieber's outfit choice, and to our astonishment, we could read phrases like "...colorful quilted blanket...". Come on! Quilted blanket!? Or, an "...oversized blue and pink blanket...". A sweater is oversized. A blanket can be a throw, a baby blanket, or even king-size, but never oversized!

Ok, blanket sizes can be a source of doubt, even for knitters and crocheters. We have to consider whether it’s a stroller, a toddler, or even a lapghan or a small throw.

Fortunately, our community is well-provided with information sources. One of my favorites is the Marly Bird website, more specifically, her article about blankets called “What Are The Best Knit and Crochet Blanket Sizes for All Ages?

For some, Justin Bieber's ensemble choice was a fashion faux pas. For us crocheters, it was a party on its own.

It's not just any blanket; it’s a Janie Crowfoot Persian Tiles crochet blanket! With almost 2,000 finished projects on Ravelry, an Instagram hashtag with over 11,000 publications and a Facebook Group with nearly 20,000 followers.

I've been following Janie Crowfoot's Instagram account for a while now, and I never cease to be amazed at her creativity. And when I need a boost of inspiration, I go straight to her website.

It's an enchanted world of crochet. We get lost in the details of each photo. They’re not just for showing her intricate crochet work; they express her inner world and tell a story.

I don't know who gave Justin Bieber the blanket, but here are my thanks.



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