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I would love to share an intriguing experience with you.

As someone who never really liked fantasy stories, I had always held the notion that such tales were not my cup of tea. However, things changed when a friend, Joji Locatelli, suggested I listen to an audiobook named "Fourth Wing.” Initially, I was reluctant, but with several long and tedious flights approaching, I decided to give it a listen. I downloaded the audiobook on Audible before a 10-hour flight and embarked on a journey that took me by surprise.

The "Fourth Wing" book cover
The "Fourth Wing" book cover

To my astonishment, I found myself completely absorbed in the story, listening to over 60% of the audiobook and even finishing a work-in-progress that had been left untouched for months. This experience led me to think about the bias against fantasy audiobooks I had held for so long, and I reached a few conclusions.

Firstly, I discovered that fantasy audiobooks have a way of captivating listeners by transporting them to an entirely different, enchanting world filled with mythical creatures and epic battles. The plotlines are masterfully crafted to balance simplicity with unexpected twists and character developments, holding listeners' attention and keeping them eager to unravel the next chapter. The experience is akin to the "just one more row" feeling that avid knitters know all too well.

Furthermore, the characters in these audiobooks are not just your typical archetypes; they’re uniquely crafted with individual personalities, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses, making their stories genuinely engaging and immersive. Listening to them makes you feel like you're a part of their world, experiencing their struggles and triumphs right alongside them. It's a form of escapism that I never anticipated.

What's more, audiobooks offer the convenience of being able to enjoy them during various activities such as commuting, knitting, crocheting, or simply relaxing. The exceptional voice acting in these audiobooks only heightens the experience, as skilled narrators bring the characters to life in a way that stimulates the imagination and makes everything feel more authentic.

Overall, my experience with the "Fourth Wing" audiobook made me realize that fantasy stories are much more than just a passing fad. They can challenge your preconceptions and take you on an adventure that you never knew you needed. If you're like me and have never tried out fantasy audiobooks, I encourage you to give it a shot. You might discover a new hobby or a whole new world that you never knew existed.


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