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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

As you're busily clicking needles, creating your next masterpiece, a captivating TV series can be the perfect companion. If you enjoyed the suspense, intrigue, and enigmatic storytelling of the hit series "Lost," then prepare to have your nerves thrilled and knitting speed challenged by the new series "From."

From - TV series

"From" is a riveting TV series that unravels the chilling mystery of a nightmarish town that ensnares all who venture in. Echoing the thematic vein of "Lost," the show establishes its unique universe, isolated from the rest of the world and governed by its own bewildering rules. As you follow the unwilling residents' attempts to escape their trap, you'll find yourself simultaneously navigating a suspenseful forest of plot twists, threats, and ghastly creatures that creep out after dark.

What's more exciting for knitters planning to dive into this eerie universe is the availability of the first two seasons on HBO Max. Originally aired with a nerve-racking "one episode per week" model, the suspenseful cliffhangers at the end of each episode were simply agonizing. The power to control the pacing lies in your hands (or needles), allowing you to binge-watch or cautiously spread out the suspense.

From - TV series

Stay alert while keeping your hands busy

However, be forewarned - "From" demands your focus. The series is sprinkled with hidden details that enhance the storyline. This isn't the show to pair with a complicated pattern or intricate stitches. To fully appreciate its crafty storytelling and avoid dropped stitches, I'd recommend sticking to the comforting rhythm of stocking stitch. Not only is it simple enough not to distract from the on-screen details, but its therapeutic, repetitive motion might also help soothe those frayed nerves caused by the show's intense suspense.

In conclusion, if you're in the mood to test your knitting pace against a suspenseful thriller, "From" offers an engrossing blend of enigmatic storytelling and adrenaline-inducing cliffhangers. Pair it with the soothing rhythm of the stocking stitch, and you've got yourself the perfect knitflix experience. So, ready your needles, queue up "From" on HBO Max, and prepare for a thrilling knitting marathon. And remember, keep your stitches tight and your nerves steady. Enjoy!


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