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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

Cover-ups are one of the garments that are used the most at the beach. You can wear them over your swimsuit, and you're ready to go to the beach or walk along the promenade. That is why it’s one of the best projects for this season. They are usually oversized and made with lace stitches, so there's still time to crochet or knit one for this year's vacation.

Summer Lovin’ Cover-up by Jennifer Renaud
© Jennifer Renaud

Jennifer Renaud recently released a crochet cover-up pattern called Summer Lovin', a loose-fitting tunic that is crocheted sideways in two separate pieces. These pieces are seamed at the center and sides to form the space for the head and arms—a quick and easy project with a nice combination of stitches.

Mimosa Cover-up by ChiWei Ranck
© ChiWei Ranck

Most cover-ups are crocheted, but there are also knitted ones if you prefer that technique. I really liked ChiWei Ranck's Mimosa Cover-up, designed with a very flattering V-neckline.

The cover-up is made of two separate panels knitted from the bottom up with dropped sleeves. It’s made with a large needle and DK-weight yarn, which makes it a very quick project. Besides, it adapts to many body types depending on the amount of ease you choose. You can make the back panel longer, leave the side openings as you prefer, and adapt it to your comfort.

Sea Breeze Cover-up by By Katerina
© By Katerina

Sea Breeze Cover-up is made in crochet and is designed by By Katerina. It's a fitted tunic that’s built from the top down with little ease. Firstly, the independent panels are made to form the neckline and back until reaching the armpit. From that point, they are joined together and worked in the round. The dress has two increase points in the center of the front and back; the decreases are located on the sides, which gives it a V shape.

These tunics are very good options for this summer. If you find this type of project fun, you can also make them shorter and wear them as a t-shirt for the rest of the year.


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