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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Hey, Makers! We’re excited to introduce Soraya García, a talented designer from Madrid who now calls Amsterdam home. She's widely recognized for her beautiful knitting patterns and runs her own successful studio. Soraya also edits the independent magazine, Yedraknits. She's currently the creative and communication director for MUSA YARN, where she confidently brings her unique perspective to knitwear design. We're lucky to have her on board!

blonde woman wearing striped shawl
Undertow Shawl by Yedraknits

Soraya's love for knitting began during her studies in art history. Her patterns are highly regarded for their innovative structures, textures, and personal touch. Soraya has been featured in several international magazines and has partnered with brands worldwide.

In addition to her design work, Soraya is also an excellent writer and communicator. Her news pieces are well liked, and her Patreon community for inquisitive knitters and emerging designers showcases her knowledge. Soraya launched the Short Rows podcast with Inés García, where she lets her passion for knitting and the creative community shine.

Hi, Sori! I hope you're doing great today! Firstly, please give us a brief introduction of yourself.

Hello, Nara! First of all, thank you for your kind introduction and for having me here! It's exciting to see a new and ambitious project come to life.

As you said, I began knitting in high school, it was linked to my need for self-expression and teenage self-discovery. I was studying art history, music, and theatre at that time, so being different and relevant was important to me. I stopped knitting for some years, and about 12 years ago it came back into my life. I started experimenting with yarn bombing and, eventually, I decided to turn THIS into a business.

Since I moved to France five years ago, I decided to start designing and teaching, and now... look where I am! I've been in PomPom twice, I was featured as the designer of the month at S&P, and I’ve taught at the most important festivals in Europe, among other accomplishments.

What would you say are your greatest strengths?

I never would’ve said that patience was one of my greatest strengths, but thanks to knitting, IT IS. All my strengths are dualistic. I believe that patience can become stubbornness, creativity can become madness. And, sometimes, my vision for the future puts me in unrealistic scenarios! But I know myself well and try to take advantage of all my strengths.

blond woman wearing beanie drinking coffee
© Yedraknits

Are there any areas that you're currently working to improve?

As you know, I work extensively with introspection, self-knowledge, and astrology. I try to know myself well because existing in the world is a trip we cannot miss. Also, I love studying a bit of everything. Right now, AI and everything it can give us fascinates me. In the more mundane field, I’m strengthening my branding and learning to record and edit videos to make my new vlog.

Can you tells us about your current role and responsibilities at Musa?

I have a hard time putting a label on myself. Right now, I am a woman in an orchestra. I think that, although I should say that I’m the CEO, I feel like we’re building something significant from scratch. With few resources but a lot of imagination. Something I’ve done before — my true talent!

Lastly, what motivates you and drives you to want to work with this company?

LEARN. CHALLENGE ME ONCE AGAIN. Musa is an idea that arose by chance and is being made possible thanks to an investment team that had trusted me before as an editor. At Musa, I have challenges, I have limits, and I have potential. Not being independent this time means pushing my talent to its limit.

At Musa, I have the opportunity to get to know the market on another level, to provide options to new talents (like collaborating with designers, small brands, and shops). I can support diversity with yarn (as much as I can) and meet women with small businesses who have a lot to show me!

About Yedraknits

Yedraknits is a beautiful independent knitting and crochet pattern magazine that is published annually in Spanish and English. The magazine features over 30 national and international designers and provides a solid support network for designers and brands who depend on it for visibility. It has enriched the landscape of Spanish knit pattern publications, while bringing international exposure to local talent and work.

We’re excited to announce that the third issue of Yedra Knits is now available, and we wholeheartedly support its mission of promoting and supporting the knitting and crochet community.

table with magazines, yarn balls and cup of tea
© Yedraknits

Hi there! We're excited to learn more about the types of books, publications, or content that inspire Yedra Magazine.

Yedra is the evolution of our first publication, Bellota, which was created five years ago with the intention of giving Spanish audiences a specialized publication with the same quality as foreign publications; especially since PomPom was releasing their third issue at the time. The number of yarn publications grew impressively soon after, but in 2018 there were far fewer publications. I was inspired a lot by publications outside the sector: travel, coffee, and art, above all!

Your work at Yedra is awe-inspiring! We'd love to know more about how it’s evolved over the years.

In a way, Bellota was created as a small fanzine! We made big mistakes, like forgetting to put the title on the spine of the magazine. While creating Bellota, I had to learn to say no. I felt so amateurish and grateful for our reception, and our budget was so small (100 times less than what I’ve managed to have now!) that I said yes to everything. That was nice, but... it meant a lot was sacrificed when it came to the magazine’s style.

During the pandemic, I received the news that I couldn’t register the name “Bellota”, so I had to quickly change it. It was a crisis, but I decided it was time to create the magazine that I had originally imagined. That's how a mature and beautiful magazine was created! I'm really proud because this whole crisis has dramatically improved my self-esteem and made me appreciate Yedra even more.

Despite all that, to this day I can open any past issue, and I’m amazed at what we did in record time and with the money we had! I’m very grateful to everyone who trusted me!

Pictures from Yedraknits Magazine
Designs by Alimaravillas and Griselda Zárate for Yedraknits 3

Proofreading, fact-checking, and source-checking can be challenging. We totally get it! Could you share some of your secrets to staying motivated while performing repetitive tasks?

The truth is that I’ve delegated those tasks since day one. I'm not good at them. I'm good at making the impossible happen! Creating with few resources and insisting that jobs are always paid for. No matter how small! It’s how I’ve earned the trust of my collaborators.

I’ve had more than six pairs of eyes by my side for each issue. The best! My technical editors, my translator, who is a machine, layout designers, friends... They’ve been my eyes, and even so... there are always errata. The misprints have made me cry rivers and given me a great life lesson. You must let go of mistakes... they remain, but they make you stronger!

We're curious to know your thoughts on the future of Yedra and the reasons behind your predictions. Could you share them with us?

A little while ago, I spoke live on YouTube about how the price of paper and the changes in the sector mean that Yedra is not entirely viable right now... I also pointed out that I’d like to allow myself to self-publish my book of patterns. I’ve almost developed the whole idea!

Right now, I want to give myself the opportunity I’ve given others. Allow myself to rise from the ashes! Sometimes I think about creating a new Instagram account for the magazine and separating it from my work (which is like an umbrella with everything I do). Let it grow on its own, fly, and be a mere consultant for whoever wants to edit the magazine today. I’m still waiting to decide. But I know I want more free time today, and my mind is elsewhere... I love the project because it has made me who I am, but I’ve been many things before and still have many things to be.


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