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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

I’ve recently finished a gorgeous pair of socks. Sorry about the lack of modesty, but look at those beauties!

Day hike socks
© Juli Matuguma

Obviously, I’m not the brain behind the pattern; I’m just the hands that knitted the pair above. I found the design on Ravelry, it was created by Allison Lutes, and it’s called Day Hike socks. She also has other sock designs that are gorgeous and more colorful—great choices to use your yarn stash.

Day hike socks
© Allison Lutes

I stumbled upon this pattern and immediately fell in love with it. I was looking for something with colorwork but wanted something geometrical and, at the same time, organic. It seems impossible, right? But in my head, it could be possible, and Allison’s pattern proved that I wasn't crazy. When you read the pattern description, you can get the idea that inspired her to create the design. And last but not least, something super important I should mention is that it matched my gauge (yay!).

The socks are knitted from the top down, have a broken rib cuff, and an easy-to-follow colorwork chart on the leg and close to the toes. The pattern is well written; it has no surprises if you are familiar with sock knitting and an inverse colors chart if you are knitting a lighter color as the main one. Thanks, Allison, for making knitters’ lives easier!

I made a slight change when I was knitting the second pair. I knitted the heel over the first half of the stitches because I wanted the seam to stay inside the leg.

Although I live in a tropical country, we have some colder months. I can’t wait for those days to come to put on my brand-new pair of socks, make a big cup of coffee or tea, and sit in my favorite spot to knit a project from my (huge) wish list.

Here are a few ideas to make your Day Hike socks version with Allison’s colors or my color choice. For your reference, I knitted the smaller size and needed only 10g of the contrast color.



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