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Andrea Dominici and Paola Vanzo, the visionary co-founders behind mYak, have started another project to preserve traditional nomadic lifestyles while improving living conditions in Tibet. They've recently launched a crowd-funding campaign and are inviting others to join them in this endeavor and make an impact.

a man stands smiling in front of yaks in the snow

Andrea Dominici is a veterinary doctor specializing in dairy. He has been working with rural development projects for many years.

“While working with the Tibetan nomads that provide the yak fiber for mYak, we had the dream of helping them value not only the fiber but also the milk produced by these magnificent animals in order to increase social impact,” says Andrea.

Make sure to read our article about mYak's journey in Tibet to learn more about the history of Andrea and Paola's ethical luxury fiber brand.

woman milking yak

Kangri Metok: dairy production on the Tibetan plateau

Inspired by the desire to further help Tibetan nomads capitalize on the milk production of yaks, Andrea and Paola established Kangri Metok, a dairy factory in the Tibetan plateau.

Kangri Metok, which means "the flower of the snow mountain," combines Italian technology with local traditions to create a sustainable dairy ecosystem that benefits nomadic Tibetan communities.

It seeks to foster collaboration and empower the community through knowledge exchange.

A wooden bucket pouring milk into a jar with a cloth strainer over it.

The factory focuses on producing high-quality dairy products while emphasizing uncontaminated ingredients and an environmentally responsible process. In August 2023, the factory started small-scale yogurt production.

Containers of yogurt stacked in a triangle formation on a table along with a picture of a yak written "pure yak milk yogurt"

Support Kangri Metok

The Kangri Metok team is getting ready for a new phase of development, with the goal of scaling up operations and increase social impact. To achieve this, they've launched a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $29,000.

The funds raised by the campaign will support initiatives like establishing a milk collection system, providing reliable transportation, and implementing a mobile lab to ensure milk quality.

Every donation, regardless of size, is a contribution to the transformative journey of Kangri Metok.

Watch the video below to learn more about Kangri Metok's journey, and if you'd like to support the project you can make a donation on GoFundMe.


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