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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

When we think of crocheting, we often picture cozy sweaters and snug scarves designed to keep the chill at bay. Yet, crochet’s domain stretches far beyond the realm of winter. Contrary to popular belief, crochet hats are not just winter staples but also summer essentials. They offer a fabulous fusion of style and sun protection, ready to accompany you on a beach day or a mountain walk.

Summer hats serve as shields against the scorching sun. With their unique structures, typically featuring a brim or visor, they cast a shadow over the face, safeguarding your eyes from the intense light. But how do you crochet a hat sturdy enough to withstand the summer sun? The secret lies in the selection of materials. Cotton, raffia, or even paper yarn are prime picks for a summer hat. They provide the necessary firmness to maintain the hat's shape while ensuring a comfortable, breathable fit. Also, these hats work better when the technique selected is crochet, as it gives the fabric a sturdy finish that keeps it in place. This is a difficult property to achieve with the crochet technique unless you use a very tight tension.

Patterns to Spark Your Summer Hat Adventure

Time to dive into the world of summer hat crocheting! Here are three patterns that blend practicality, style, and the pure joy. Each pattern requires a different set of skills and offers a unique challenge, making your experience a summer adventure in its own right!

Scrappy bucket hat by Jess Coppon
© Jess Coppon

The Scrappy bucket hat by Jess Coppon is a classic bucket hat pattern requiring around 780 meters of worsted yarn. The designer invites you to use cotton leftovers. It’s rocketed with two strands simultaneously, which allows for achieving marled colors by mixing different colors.

Cleo wide brim fedora by Jess Coppon
© Jess Coppon

This original fedora hat, also designed by Jess Coppon, requires only 400 meters of ribbon-like yarn. The sample is made with a blend of polyester and viscose, but I invite you to try this pattern using raffia or waterproof paper ribbon. The wide brim makes it perfect for reading a book on a sunny day on the beach.

June sun hat by Ashleigh Kiser
© Ashleigh Kiser

The June Sun hat by Ashleigh Kiser is a fantastic Pamela that can be made with worsted cotton or raffia. The round shape of the hat is perfect for finishing with a wide ribbon around it to mix and match with your style.

Warm up those crochets

Why not turn up the heat on your skills this summer? As we embrace the sun-kissed days ahead, I invite you to explore the world of crochet summer hats. Whether you're creating a stylish sun hat for yourself or crafting unique gifts for friends and family, the joy of making it is sure to shine as brightly as the summer sun.

So, makers, it’s time to grab your needles, select your summer yarn, and cast on a season of sun-protected fun! It’s time to crochet the sun hats that will highlight your summer adventures.


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