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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Last weekend I packed my knitting and spinning wheels into my little car and drove 300 km to attend KNIT AT MOTOCO. I didn’t know just how worth that drive would be.

Founded in 2019, the KNIT AT MOTOCO festival took place for the third time this year. On May 13 and 14, knitters from France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany gathered in the old DMC factory buildings in Mulhouse for two wonderful days filled with yarn, knitting, and lots of laughter.

Knit at MoToCo
© Theresia Lew

What sets KNIT AT MOTOCO apart from other fiber festivals is the large knitting and chatting area right next to the marketplace. You can get drinks, coffee, and cake (provided by volunteers), sit with your friends, marvel at your new purchases, and have a great time together. All while knitting on your current project.

KNIT AT MOTOCO featured 18 vendors from 4 different countries, selling hand-dyed and commercial yarns, handmade project bags, ceramic buttons, knitting and crochet accessories, and more. You could also take one of the 11 classes taught by four teachers or attend the free talk that was held on Saturday evening.

Knit at MoToCo
© Nara Takeda

Speaking of Saturday evening – there was a huge knit night! Including a knitting trivia quiz and a speed knitting contest. And, of course, more knitting and laughter.

It was my first time attending KNIT AT MOTOCO, but I will definitely go back. Not only were the vendors amazing, but the whole ambiance was also very inspiring. Thanks to the large knitting area, I was able to see so many different projects being worked on. So many wonderful knitted pieces to look at. I’m sure I missed a lot, as there was so much to take in.

Knit at MoToCo
© Theresia Lew

While the festival was held, there also was a tombola. The local knit group who founded KNIT AT MOTOCO worked on a community project and raffled off five beautiful blankets, all put together from squares provided by the knitters. The proceeds of the tombola went to a local organization for women’s rights.

Thanks to the endless work of the volunteers and the wonderful organization of KNIT AT MOTOCO, this festival had a definite “like family” vibe. Everyone I met had a smile on their face. From the organizers to the volunteers, the vendors, and the food truck personnel – everyone had a visibly great time.

Knit at MoToCo
© Nara Takeda

I, for one, can’t wait to go back to sit, knit, spin, chat, and buy to my heart's content.



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