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Originally written in Spanish.

Knit Eat & Co. is a yearly event that takes place in Lyon. Since its beginnings, it's opted to be a creative festival that combines delicious food and beautiful wool.

The festival includes exhibitions with big brands in the sector, along with workshops, talks, and gastronomy. The festival organizers have published two books combining the festival's two themes. Patterns for shawls and sweaters, among many other pieces, with French gastronomic recipes for cooking and baking. You can knit while you wait for a delicious recipe to bake, enjoy your food, and continue knitting.

left: hand touching sock on yarn booth; left: chocolate croissants
© Knit Eat & Co

Festival details

This year, the festival will take place on the weekend of September 23 and 24. They've prepared notebooks, pins, markers, and other accessories in different colors, so you can choose the one you like the most.

Lyon is the perfect setting for the festival. It’s a beautiful city in southeast France with a historic center that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The festival organizes guided tours of the city center and other urban strolls. If you want to know how silk was worked in Lyon and its contribution to the current industry, you'll love visiting the Canuts house.

The festival has expanded its offering with the inclusion of sewing and embroidery. The fair will have haberdashery stores where you can buy fabrics and accessories, such as buttons and threads. In addition, it has included sewing workshops in its class offering.

Apart from visits to the city and new sewing classes, its workshop offering has a great selection of techniques such as brioche, jacquard, and intarsia. There are few spots left since there has been great interest in the festival.

As Knit Eat & Co. evolves, it's maintained its essence: a harmonious balance between techniques, wools, fabrics, and threads, along with relaxing while enjoying a delicious meal with other crafters.

With the inclusion of sewing and embroidery, the festival, which was already considered one of the great European wool festivals, has become a must-attend event in the craft world in Europe.

If you want more information about upcoming fiber festivals, be sure to bookmark our festivals page.


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