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Updated: Jul 26, 2023

On the weekend of June 3rd and 4th, the fourth edition of the Knit with Friends Festival will happen in Porto, Portugal.

One of the most wonderful aspects of knitting is the sense of community it fosters. At the Knit with Friends Festival, you'll have the opportunity to connect and be inspired by fellow crafters, share stories, and forge new friendships.

Designers and Workshops

In this edition of Knit with Friends, five designers will teach 12 workshops about knitting, crochet, and mending. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced knitter, you'll undoubtedly find one that will allow you to discover new exciting techniques and ignite your creative spark.


Susanne Sommer, aka Sosu, is an Austrian designer known for her creative and colorful designs. It's her first time at KWF. She'll teach two classes about brioche knitting on Saturday — “Brioche Masterclass” and “Syncopated Brioche.” On Sunday, she'll teach how to knit a “Sideways Sweater.”

Paula Pereira

Paula Pereira is back at KWF's 2023 edition with a workshop called “Favorite Sweater Atelier,” where she'll explain the whole process of creating your “perfect” sweater, from designing to a great fit and the directions for knitting it. Besides that, Paula's book, published by Laine, will be officially released on Saturday, and there will be a book signing event in the festival's market.

Cecilia Losada

Cecilia Losada, aka Mamma DIY, is an Argentinian knitting and crochet designer and instructor living in Spain since 2002. She will teach two knitting workshops called “Heel Socks Knitting Variations” and “Mosaic Knitting Lab” and a crochet workshop called “Five Crochet Shawls.”

Marlen Meiners

Marlen Meiners is a German specialist in visible and invisible mending. She will teach two classes on Saturday — “Swiss Darning” and “Scotch Darning.” On Sunday, she'll teach another darning technique called “Weave Darning.”

Filipa Carneiro

Filipa is a Portuguese designer and instructor who has participated in every KWF edition. On Saturday afternoon, she will teach two workshops. In her first class, she will show how to design a shawl with “lace by music,” which is a Portuguese technique for knitting lace edgings. Later that day, she will teach her traditional class about knitting in Portuguese style.

And more…

On top of all the classes, there will be a market with exhibitors from Portugal and abroad, displaying an incredible array of yarns and accessories. You can check the complete list of exhibitors here. Right after the event on Saturday evening, you can participate in the “Chill out and Relax” cocktail, with drinks and snacks, including vegetarian options.

Knit with Friends is a celebration of crafts and friendship, and this edition promises to be an unforgettable experience!


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