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In 2023, KnitLeaks was created with the aim of becoming a global information hub for crafters. We also had a specific goal of participating in as many yarn events as we could. This was a daunting task, with challenges such as different time zones, locations, languages, and cultures. Yet, we remained steadfast and committed to our goal. As the year advanced, we saw a marked increase in our brand recognition.

woman holding microphone standing in front of Arco da Rua Augusta in Lisbon
© Nara Takeda

We were delighted to see people recognizing our work and our presence at various events. Our business growth was steady and we're satisfied with our progress. Looking back, we're filled with joy and gratitude for all the unforgettable moments we've experienced, from intimate gatherings to lively festivals.

We're eager to share our 2023 highlights with you:

We started the year off in style, surrounded by the latest trends in the craft industry, alongside Rosários 4, Novelaria, and Filipa Carneiro. It was a fantastic way to kick off an exciting knitting season worldwide.

We were blown away by the beauty of yarn and craftsmanship in the heart of Switzerland. The biggest festival in the country was brought to life by our lovely friend Meret, and it was an unforgettable experience.

We had a fantastic Scottish adventure with Vogue Knitting, where tradition met modern creativity. We learned from the best in the business and created unforgettable memories.

We were welcomed with open arms by the creative hub of Motoco, sparking inspiration and innovation under the organization of Andrea and an incredible community. It was a great opportunity to connect with other knitters and share our passion.

We had a magical time in the charming city of Oporto, witnessing the power of friendship through knitting brought to us by Maria and Joana. It reminded us of the joy and connection that knitting can bring.

We were hosted by the fantastic team at Myak and learned from the one and only Joji Locatelli. The stunning Dolomites provided the perfect backdrop for an incredible knitting experience.

We were immersed in the world of our dear friends Giulia and Stefania, with goats, fantastic food, and breathtaking landscapes. It was a true feast for the senses and a beautiful reminder of the joy of crafting.

Torino and Candia Canavese

We explored the Italian knitting scene with our friend Paula Pereira, and met incredible makers in the beautiful northern part of the country. We loved connecting with other knitters and sharing our passion.

El Camino de Santiago (Camiknitting)

We embarked on a journey of self-discovery by knitting and walking the Portuguese Route of the Camino de Santiago under the command of Antonio (Beagle Knits). We connected with ourselves and other knitters on a journey of growth and inspiration.


We had a fantastic time in Brazil with beloved knitters, surrounded by warmth and love for knitting in As Mariposas Yarn Shop. It was a beautiful reminder of the global community we’re a part of and the power of crafting to bring us together.

We enjoyed a feast for the senses in Lyon, where knitting and culinary delights came together. It was a wonderful way to share our passions and enjoy the incredible experiences that can come from doing so.

We celebrated wool on the picturesque Shetland Islands, a knitting paradise. It was an incredible opportunity to learn from the masters and connect with other knitters in a stunning setting.

We brought iconic Fair Isle patterns to life in a picturesque setting. We were able to live the history and tradition of crafting and the incredible beauty that can come from honoring it.

Knitting Retreat in Portugal

We soaked up the sunshine, knitted, and received the warmest welcomes from our beautiful community of talented Portuguese and Finnish knitters, featuring our dear friend Veera Välimaaki.

Rhinebeck events

We experienced the Sheep and Wool Festival, Indie Untangled, and Wool & Folk Festival in the beautiful Hudson Valley. It was a chance to connect with other knitters, vendors, and designers and celebrate the beauty of the craft.

We soaked up the beauty of nature with the artistry of knitting in this West Coast retreat with the talented Olga Buraya-Kefelian and Joji Locatelli. Thanks to the fabulous Fiona and Amanda, our hosts from Knit Social.


We had a blast exploring the vibrant city of Montreal, discovering its knitting scene, and meeting the most lovely maker in Espace Tricot with the company of Julie Asselin and Paula Pereira.


We fell in love with the urban knitting scene in Toronto and met wonderful people along the way in the company of Claudia Quintanilla.

Our journey culminated in the lively atmosphere of Barcelona Knits, where passion for knitting and crocheting knows no bounds.

In conclusion, 2023 was an exceptional year for KnitLeaks, marked by significant growth, memorable experiences, and productive collaborations. We had the privilege of participating in knitting events worldwide, establishing strong ties within the knitting community, and sharing our passion for the craft. Our journey has been greatly enriched by every knitter, partner, and friend we've met, making each step an adventure.

As we welcome the new year, we look forward to the future with great anticipation and remain committed to continuing our journey of knitting, learning, and growing together. Here's to an even more thrilling and knit-filled 2024!

We're deeply grateful to everyone who has been a part of this knitting journey. Your support, creativity, and passion for knitting make KnitLeaks truly unique. We're excited to see where our journey leads us next!


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