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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Embarking on a new journey, I'm excited to delve into the yearly tradition set by the dynamic duo Carmen Garcia de Mora and Juana Román (Andoliando). They have carved their niche in the knitting community with their annual tradition.

For the past five years, Carmen and Juana have released a collaborative eBook called Knitlight each summer, gracing the knitting world with a collection of four seasonally perfect patterns. The duo has a knack for threading a unique theme through the designs each year, lending their patterns an added layer of depth and intrigue. This year's theme takes inspiration from a captivating novel, "Like Water for Chocolate" ("Como agua para chocolate"), penned by Laura Esquivel Valdés.

"Like Water for Chocolate" weaves a tale of love, passion, and tradition through the lens of Tita, a young woman living in early 20th-century Mexico. Constrained by a family custom that mandates the youngest daughter to remain unmarried and care for her mother, Tita finds herself in a heartbreaking situation as she falls in love with Pedro. The narrative navigates through her life, underscoring the emotional connection Tita develops with cooking, which becomes an outlet for her suppressed feelings. Every dish she creates encapsulates her emotions, profoundly influencing those who eat her food. The book is a powerful metaphor for unexpressed desires and the transformative power of cooking.

Carmen and Juana have cleverly used this narrative as the backbone for their summer collection, which promises to be as intoxicating as the prose of Esquivel Valdés.

Lumbre tee by Carmen Garcia de Mora
© Carmen Garcia de Mora

The Lumbre tee designed by Carmen is a top-down sweater with a fun and fresh circular yoke. It has an evasé shape to make it comfortable and adapted to the body. The most interesting detail of this design is the pleated sleeves that give a unique finish to the garment. It is knitted in sport-weight cotton yarn and comes in 8 sizes from 87 to 137 cm of bust circumference.

Tita tee by Juana Román
© Juana Román

Presenting the Tita Tee - a summer staple conceived by Juana. This top-down piece is knit using flat and circular techniques, with handy video tutorials to guide you through the special stitches. Adorned with an elegant cross pattern on the chest and a stretchy motif at the hem, it's made with fingering-weight cotton yarn for breathable, everyday summer wear. This Tita Tee promises a blend of comfort, style, and the joy of crafting your own wardrobe staple.

Pimienta tee by Carmen Garcia de Mora
© Carmen Garcia de Mora

The Pimienta Tee by Carmen is a sleeveless, top-down delight featuring eye-catching slipped stitches in multiple hues, adorning the shoulders down to the mid-chest. The remainder of the tee boasts a simple stockinette stitch, making the colors stand out. Crafted from fingering weight yarn, it's a perfect project for using up those leftover cotton snippets, resulting in a vibrant and eco-friendly addition to your summer wardrobe.

Brown vest by Juana Román
© Juana Román

Last but not least, the Brown vest designed by Juana is a fabulous piece for warm summer days. This top-down construction starts from the neck and displays a V-neck. The most interesting feature of this design, knitted with worsted cotton, is the lateral panels in a simple lace pattern that leaves the front, back, and sides at different heights, adapting to your figure and making a comfortable piece.

Knit fast, die fresh

In conclusion, Carmen Garcia de Mora and Juana Román have again proven their extraordinary talent through this unique collection of summer patterns. Drawing inspiration from a mesmerizing literary work, their designs are a testament to their creativity, encouraging each of us to bring our unique, wearable art to life. So, as the sun shines brighter, let's pick up our needles, embrace the warmth, and embark on this delightful knitting journey. Happy knitting!



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