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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

Martin is an Austrian crochet designer who started crafting when he moved to Sweden. In his social media, we can see magnificent pieces with images of nature, such as northern lights, wild animals, and the beautiful landscapes of Sweden.

Martin has 16 patterns on Ravelry, mostly crochet designs and some knitting projects. The Mixtape Loop Scarf in colorwork is an ideal project to spend 25g mini skeins and scraps you already have at home.

Martin Up North
© Martin Up North

Many of his projects are blankets and cushions made with the mosaic crochet technique. Late last year, he set up a mystery CAL with another famous crochet designer, Tatsiana Kupryianchyk, the person behind the Lilla Bjorn account.

The Landscape Shawl make-a-long will begin on May 24th. The piece combines Tunisian crochet with the Entrelac technique. It's a beautiful geometric design built from side to side with the suggestion of combining the colors of your environment.

Landscape Shawl - Martin Up North
© Martin Up North

With this technique, you make small rectangles in Tunisian crochet formed in each row using a single color. The peculiar design is achieved by varying the size of these rectangles. Using the Entrelac technique, you pick up stitches on each side to make more rectangles. The Entrelac technique can be done in knitting and crochet, and the resulting fabric looks like you have interlocked small pieces.

To make this shawl, you don't need a Tunisian crochet hook; a simple crochet one is enough. I encourage you to try to make this shawl and learn this technique. It will undoubtedly be a fun experience playing and combining the colors of your environment. Are you up for it?


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