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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Knitters love to pack some of their own knits while traveling. Regardless of the season, a warm but light sweater can come in handy. You never know when it might get a little chilly, and it’s useful as an extra layer in colder seasons.

But can you be prepared for all occasions and weathers while also traveling as light as possible? Having limited luggage space shouldn’t prevent you from packing a warm and light, glorious knit.

So how to pick a single sweater to take on a trip, one that you can fit into even the tiniest space in your luggage?

Yarn is the key to light sweaters

It’s important the sweater is knit in an airy and light yarn. Easy options are lace- or fingering-weight yarns in pure mohair or combinations of mohair, merino, or silk. They guarantee your sweater will be warm, light, and easily foldable to fit a tiny space.

If space isn’t a problem, pick a non-superwash wool yarn that is airy, like a single ply. You’ll get a warm and slightly bulky but still very light sweater. If you’re unsure of a suitable yarn to use, YarnSub is a great tool that can help you.

Light sweater patterns

These great light sweater patterns have positive ease for maximum comfort and versatility, and easy in-the-round constructions. They suit all tastes: top-down, bottom-up, and sideways.

Try one out or inspire yourself to get started on a Ravelry treasure hunt.

woman standing in front of building wearing lacy short sleeves sweater
© Butzeria

Misty Mountain is the top you’ll want to pack if you fancy showing off your lace knitting skills. Its lace body and sleeves with matching lace hem and cuffs will draw attention anywhere and give that extra special look to a travel garment.

woman wearing pink knitted sweater
© Melanie Berg

Pink is for Power is a beautiful boat neck sweater that has a beautiful lace front panel. Pick a color you like of two lace yarns—one in merino silk, another in mohair silk—that are held together. Every April, Melanie Berg donates the monthly income of this pattern to Pink Ribbon, a breast cancer education and support organization.

woman on a beach wearing neon yellow and off-white sweater
© Maria G Knits

Juicy is a stylish sweater that is knit sideways in a combination of silky mohair and light-fingering yarn. This sweater is a freshly squeezed lemonade on a summer day. The simple color details give you freedom to knit it in almost any color you like with beautiful results.

woman on wheel chair wearing a pink knitted sweater
© Amy Gwatkin

Susurrus is a delicate sweater featured as the cover knit in Pompom magazine Spring 2020 for the theme Air. The seamless, top-down construction alternates mohair and light-fingering yarn. It’s balanced with a beautiful lace yoke that creates an ethereal look.

woman wearing hat and knitted off-white sweater
© Laine Publishing

Keseran Pasaran is a timeless raglan sweater, ribbed and reversible, so you can wear it inside out for a change. It’s knit with silk and mohair-silk yarns held together. The twisted ribbed pattern is delicate, with an exquisite design twist around the waist. You can find it in Laine Magazine Issue 11.

For traveling light with warm knits, consider lightweight natural fibers and a lean, rather than bulky, design. Never stop wearing knits, even on a trip with limited luggage.

Hats are another great option to wear your knits while also traveling light.


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