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Marie Castro is a content creator whose unique style has captivated thousands of followers from around the world. With over 500k subscribers on YouTube and 380k on Instagram, she’s an internet sensation known for her creative and dynamic TikToks, as well as her straightforward and informative YouTube tutorials, in which she teaches how to crochet and knit her beautiful creations. But Marie's work doesn't stop there. She's also an entrepreneur and the founder of Moira, a hub and marketplace for makers that promises to be a game-changer in the Brazilian craft scene.

a woman wearing a colorful crochet scarf holds a mug sitting on a couch
© Marie Castro

KnitLeaks spoke to Marie Castro to delve into her background, crafting philosophy, and upcoming ventures.

Hi, Marie! Firstly, please give us a brief introduction of yourself.

Yes, of course! My name is Marie Castro. I'm a DIY crochet/knitwear content creator and entrepreneur based in São Paulo, Brazil.

How did you get into crochet and knitting?

Since childhood, it has been a very organic process for me. I used to see older women in the family crocheting a lot, so it was a huge spur to the handmade world. As a child I was always very interested in being more independent and sustainable, so it sounded to me a good idea to make my own clothes.

How did you start working with crafts? What was your daily working routine like?

Since my teenage years. Here in São Paulo, we used to have some alternative street markets such as Mercado Mundo Mix, and I used to go there with my booth and sell customized t-shirts. At the start, it wasn’t only crochet or knitwear; I was much more involved with my sewing machine and fabrics.

My routine was going to school and then studying a lot about pattern making, fashion designers, and everything that could help me to train my fashion skills. It was pretty obsessive; I guess I was a huge fashion nerd, lol. But nowadays, I see it as an important process; I mean, the enormous dedication I had to the craft from the start.

a woman wearing a white t-shirt and white crochet pants
© Marie Castro

What are the best things about working with crafts?

Well, one of the best things is to be able to create basically every single piece of clothing that might come to my imagination. It’s a very freeing and powerful feeling. It only depends on me, my crazy ideas, and my hands.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I live very close to a museum and park in São Paulo, so it’s a big area of nature around me. I go to the woods every day, and I see the blend of nature, but at the same time, living in one of the most urban areas around the world makes my work pretty unusual and full of contrasts.

By the way, I love arts in general; I’m a huge fan of cinema, music, games, and all kinds of DIY.  My Brazilian roots inspire me a lot, but it’s always the feeling of being super local to be super globalized, you know?  Since I live in a big city and I travel a lot, I think it makes my work understandable in many different places around the world. I can’t get rid of my Brazilian roots; it is always present in my work aesthetics, but at the same, I’m very connected to what it is to be living in a huge metropolis, how my creations will behave (or not, lol) in urban environments.

What is your opinion about the crafting "scene" current situation in Brazil and abroad? Do you think it has changed now after the pandemic?

It’s definitely improving a lot! It’s huge now! I have the feeling our community is very active compared to other communities around the globe  – and a lot of people see the word craft as very connected to business. So there’s a lot of content being created, and I can say there’s always that Brazilian twist which makes everything very unique!

During the pandemic, I think everybody was more obsessive about crafting since there were not many activities left to be done… Right now, we are getting to a more regular and sustainable rhythm of work, which is perfect for me.

a woman wearing a colorful crochet dress and smiling
© Marie Castro

What is it like participating in a big event such as the Mega Artesanal in São Paulo?

Wow, it’s wild! Definitely a game-changer! It’s one of the most crowded places you are going to see in your life. Everybody is crazy about craft and it shows how this market is big and possible.

Could you please tell us about your new Domestika course?

Yes, of course! I’m pretty excited about telling you more about it: basically, you are going to learn to crochet in a very easy way, and you will be able at the end to crochet a whole look! Blouse, trousers and a cute hat. If you are a beginner, don’t hesitate because it’s so meticulous and complete that you can learn the basic stitches there as well.

What is Moira? Could you tell us a bit about it?

It’s a craft hub and a marketplace (digital products and physical products). It’s a project I’ve been working on for a while, and it’s definitely shaping new paths for artisans and the whole market. Our hub is already creating a huge community here in Brazil; we mostly participate in Mega Artesanal and innovation fairs such as Web Summit Lisboa, Web Summit Rio, Startup Summit, and Campus Party.

We are partnering up with a logistics startup here in Brazil, and we will release our final platform in March.

Can you tell us about your podcast? Are there any new episodes coming?

Yes, more episodes are being recorded! It’s a pleasure to create such informative and fun content at the same time, even though here in Brazil, people are not that familiar with craft podcasts… We are definitely creating more opportunities for dialogue!

Do you have any exciting new projects coming up in 2024?

Yes, well, Moira is coming finally and I am so glad to announce that this period of waiting for it to come is over! Basically, I’m working on new patterns, courses, and even a project for a book. 2024 will be a ride!

We highly recommend checking out Marie's new Domestika course, which is available in eight languages. And if you want to meet another Instagram star, read our article about Olga F., aka Gotham Knits.


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