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As always, I was persuaded by one of my friends to give the Musselburgh Hat a try. This pattern, designed by the Scottish designer Ysolda Teague, begins its magic when you read "no gauge needed." Okay, lady, you have my attention. You can work it with any weight and amount of yarn, as you can knit a lining with scraps, and nobody will see it. The unusual construction of the piece is an invitation to knitting relaxation and is a mind cleanser. I've already knitted two of these for my husband, and these were certainly not the last ones.

on the left, colorful striped hat; on the right, colorful hat with camel-colored brim
© Adriana Magalhães | © Hannah Ralha

With over 15 thousand projects on Ravelry, Musselburgh is a must-have project for road trips, waiting rooms, and Zoom meetings. Beyond not needing a specific gauge, you can make this pattern for any size of head you want; it’s entirely customizable. But what makes this hat even more exciting than everything that has been said is that you can use it in four ways if you knit each side with a different color. In addition, the hat is double-layered, super cozy, and warm.

colorful striped hats
© Tamy Antunes

About the designer

Ysolda Teague is a Scottish knitwear designer specializing in inclusive patterns for garments, accessories, toys, and childrenswear. Her creations showcase innovative construction methods, clear instructions, and knitterly details that set her apart in the world of knitting design.

Devoted to encapsulating the vibrant diversity of the knitting community, Ysolda operates with an unwavering commitment to equity and inclusion in every aspect of her business. Through collaborations with independent yarn enthusiasts and creators, the designer persistently strives to deliver products that extend a warm welcome to all!

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