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The Emmy-nominated series Poker Face is a humorous, 10-episode murder mystery. Each episode takes place in a different city across America, with a different ensemble of actors and a different liar, or liars, to be unmasked.

The series was created by Rian Johnson, who you may know from the movies Knives Out and Glass Onion. It premiered on SkyShowtime in September, and the lead actress is Natasha Lyonne. I know; I should've started with that! If you're like me and the mention of her name is enough to make you want to watch the series, you won't be disappointed.

Since Orange is the New Black, but mainly after Russian Doll, both Netflix series, I’ve been a huge fan of her work. The actress plays Charlie Cale, a woman with a unique ability: she's a "human lie detector," meaning she can always tell when someone is lying to her.

blond woman wearing a black shirt, a brown baseball cap and big eyeglasses holds a leather jacker
Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale

The first episode establishes the tone for the next episodes and, in some ways, gives literal meaning to the title, Poker Face. It takes place in a Nevada casino, where Charlie works as a waitress and is dragged into a scam by the manager, Sterling Frost Jr., who had her friend killed.

Don't worry; that's not a spoiler! The genre of the series is known as an inverted detective story. Right from the start, we know who committed the crime, and more clues about the mystery are slowly uncovered. The real pleasure is watching Charlie's personality, intelligence, and wits in action.

blond woman wearing a baseball cap laughs while driving a car
Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale

After this main plot, the other episodes are always a surprise! Not only are the stories different, but the directors and even the writers change, and the guest actors are superb! Episodes include Adrien Brody, Nick Nolte, Judith Light, and Simon Helberg, among many others. Each episode feels like a short film.

The show has a retro feel and draws its inspiration from the 1970s series, Columbo. The sets, the home decor elements, and the costume design combine a modern atmosphere with elements from the past, creating the feeling that you're watching a timeless classic TV show.

The second season has already been confirmed but has been delayed due to the writers’ strike.


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