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Crochet is expanding its scope in the realm of crafts! New designers take a fresh and inventive approach to both the structure of the pieces and the technique itself, and the publishing world reflects this.

New publications, including or dedicated to crochet, have emerged with small print runs and a more alternative and independent editorial approach, which expand and become mainstream while never compromising their values and identity. Pom Pom Magazine is a good example of this.

Pom Pom was founded in 2012 and is mainly dedicated to knitting. It has always included crochet and other crafts, as well as tutorials, articles, and even recipes. According to their words, they always wanted to present "craft in a modern, beautiful, and meaningful way,” always keeping in mind to "celebrate the joy of making.” And what a joy it is to receive at home this beautiful magazine, wrapped in a green and pink envelope that I open like a present!

Crochet Anthology is a collection of 10 crochet projects from 8 designers, published over the 10 years of the magazine. I can't say what my favorite projects are, but the good thing about the Crochet Anthology is that it includes different pieces for all seasons. It features lace summer crop tops like Water Clover, by designer Isa Catepillan, and warmer garments like the long-sleeve pullovers Acre, by designer Judith Brand, who has also created the simple and beautiful Filix mittens.

From left to right, woman wearing crochet tee, woman wearing three-colored crochet sweater, hands wearing purple mittens.
Water Clover by Isa Catepillán (© Carolyn Carter) | Acre by Judith Brand (© Parker Thornton) | Filix by Judith Brand (© Carolyn Carter).

I must mention the cool cardigan, Rockmore, by Ana D, and the gorgeous hat, Aureole, by Lucia Luciano.

on the left, woman wearing crochet cardigan on the right, woman wearing crochet beret
Rockmore by Ana D (© Theodora van Duin) | Aureole by Lucia Luciano (© Salsabil Morrison)

You can check them out in the Pom blog post and see for yourself how precious they are.

Crochet Anthology can be bought in digital format or print + digital, but check out your local yarn shop; I'm sure you can find it there too.


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