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Roosimine is an enchanting Estonian knitting art that creates rose illusions on fabric, also known as Roositud. The technique, inspired by short-stitch embroidery from the Estonian island of Muhu, intentionally reveals floats of yarn on the right side of the work. "Roosimine" translates to "decorating with roses," and the term is used interchangeably with "Roositud," denoting both the action and the finished object.

Check out how the technique is done in this Aleks Byrd tutorial below.

For newcomers venturing into this knitting technique, the initial experience might seem daunting, leaving them uncertain about where to start. This method proves to be an excellent choice for experimenting with yarn scraps or precious mini skeins from your stash, requiring a minimal amount of yarn.

When embarking on the mastery of a new technique, starting with a small accessory project is recommended for its practicality and the feeling of achievement it offers. Imagine completing a project within a day, a weekend, or perhaps a week. Let's now explore some patterns with this technique that are available on Ravelry.

hands wearing grey wristwarmers with pink and yellow roosimine geometric design
© Aleks Byrd

Named after the designer's grandmother, a masterful knitter, these wrist warmers tell a tale of discovery. Unearthing a little booklet filled with motifs, Aleks found a treasure trove of designs crafted and copied by her grandmother from traditional patterns in 1930s Estonia. It was this vintage inspiration that breathed life into the embroidered appearance of these cozy wrist warmers. Using a main color and two contrasting tones, these warmers are knitted with fingering-weight yarn, resulting in a thick structure without losing the comfort.

woman stands in front of window wearing a navy blue sweater with light blue, white, yellow and orange roosimine designs
© Midori Hirose

The designer put her own spin on the classic Estonian Roositud patterns in this lovely sweater. She took the Roositud design, usually reserved for tight-knit stuff like mittens or socks, and decided to go wild with loose tension and chunky mohair, which gave the pattern a stunning 3D look. The sweater is knitted seamlessly, starting from the top and working its way down.

pair of light yellow socks with orange floral roosimine design
© Caoua Coffee

Creating the color pattern for these socks is a straightforward process—simply weave in the contrast-colored yarn between the stitches while knitting a plain stockinette sock with the main color.

In an effort to make this versatile technique friendlier and reduce the inconvenience of dealing with multiple ends, Caoua Coffee chose to use a single color for weaving the strands on the socks. To add some flair and prevent potential monotony after the Roosimine excitement, she introduces arch shaping and a hint of striping to the plain stockinette foot.


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