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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

Hanami is the Japanese name for the cherry blossom festival celebrated at the start of Spring in Japan. It takes place between March and April, depending on each year's weather. The trees are filled with pink or white flowers at that time, depending on the variety. They are trees that do not produce fruit but shine in all their splendor during this period.

© Alicia Arroyo

Sakura is the Japanese name for this flower with five petals. One of the most beautiful moments in the season is when the first green blossoms appear, and a shower of petals leaves the ground covered with petals. It's like walking on a pink road.

In Ravelry, many projects are under that name or inspired by these flowers. Nature is a source of inspiration for many creators, and this spectacle could not go unnoticed.

Sakura Tee by Knitting for Breakfast
© Knitting for Breakfast

A nice example is Sakura Tee by Knitting for Breakfast. It's a circular top-down yoke t-shirt made with a fingering weight yarn or two lace strands held together. It's a beautiful project with a delicate design on the yoke and the bodice

Sakura Shawl by Atty Van Norel
© Atty van Norel

An example of a crochet project inspired by cherry blossoms is the Sakura Shawl by Atty van Norel. It is a bottom-up triangular shawl with a puff stitch edge. It's a project to be made in lace or fingering yarn and decorated with three tassels. It's ideal for yarn with a slow color change.

Cherry Blossom Flower Coaster by Atelier Delilah
© Atelier Delilah

There are projects for other crafts too. You can make sakura blossoms with traditional Japanese sashiko embroidery or use a punch needle to make decorations with this pretty motif, like Atelier Delilah's Cherry Blossom Flower Coaster.

Cherry Blossom Hand Embroidery Pattern by Faerie Dust Needlework
© Faerie Dust Needlework

Another idea is to embroider cherry blossoms. You can achieve that beautiful characteristic color of the flower with threads of different shades. Faerie Dust Needlework has this beautiful digital pattern for sale on her Etsy shop.

Cherry blossoms are a spectacle of nature that inspire the fiber world. The Japanese say that the sakura represents prosperity, ephemeral beauty, and the act of renewal. We can renew our closet or give that special touch to our home with these projects.

If you want to continue to be inspired by flowers to decorate with crochet appliqués, check out our article about flower crochet appliqués.


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