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Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

Sari Nordlund is a Finnish professional knitwear designer. She is well-known for her work with her cables which gives her a great personal style. She seeks to update the classic handmade cabled and lace sweaters in her patterns for a more modern look. Her summer patterns collection follows that philosophy, so you can find this type of motif in her tank tops.

Sunkissed top by Sari Nordlund
© Sari Nordlund

My favorite is the back of the Sunkissed Top. It’s a top with straps to show off your shoulders. It has a delicate stitch pattern along the center of the back. The sample piece was knit in cotton, but any summer fiber would be perfect. It’s an ideal top to wear over a bikini when going to the beach or the pool for a great summer look.

Kuutar top and tee by Sari Nordlund
© Sari Nordlund

Other of my favorite summer patterns are the Kuutar Top and Kuutar Tee. Kuutar means “the lady of the moon,” and Sari has made a collection of designs inspired by that. For the summer, you can choose between straps or short sleeves. The lace pattern will shine in all its splendor if knitted in a solid color.

Ogge top by Sari Nordlund
© Laura Morsman

And finally, a top with an all-over lace texture that won't make you bored while knitting it. The Ogge was published in Pompom Magazine a few years ago. It’s a reversible top; one side has a scoop neck and the other a V-neck. You can choose how to wear it according to your preferences.

Sari Nordlund summer patterns
© Sari Nordlund

If it's hot where you live and you want to show your shoulders, Sari’s summer patterns collection includes a dress, bag, and short sleeve t-shirts. With 34 patterns, you will indeed find the one that suits your most summery style.



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