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Have you lost your knitting mojo? It can be absolutely heart-wrenching to not want to do something that you usually love to do. While it’s perfectly normal to lose your mojo every now and then, a lot of people miss their knitting and would like to regain their knitting mojo as quickly as possible.

Where's my knitting mojo?

Many things can contribute to one losing their mojo; unfortunately, it often comes out of the blue with no warning.

  • Maybe during the summer, it’s been too hot even to want to think about having yarn in your hands.

  • Maybe you’ve just been so busy lately that when you finally get time to knit, you’re too tired.

  • Perhaps you were knitting so much before you lost your mojo that you’re burnt out and need a little break.

  • Or maybe your current projects aren’t inspiring you.

Whatever the reason for your missing mojo, you’ll probably want to do everything possible to find the inspiration to knit or craft again.

Start fresh

If you have a stack of WIPs that you don’t feel inspired by, then set them aside or frog them and start fresh. Maybe a new project will get those creative juices flowing again.

Go shopping

Do you feel inspired when you get new yarn and are about to cast on a new project? Maybe a trip to your local yarn store for some new yarn and inspiration will bring back your mojo.

Start small

Pick a small project that you can finish quickly so you can feel that sense of accomplishment you get when finishing a project.

Try something new

Choose a project that requires you to learn a new skill. It always feels great to conquer a new technique; maybe trying something new will reignite your love for knitting.

Everyone goes through seasons of not feeling like knitting, and that’s okay! Sometimes, the best way to get your mojo back is to do nothing at all. Explore other things. Try a different fiber art, like weaving or embroidery, and maybe a change of seasons is all you need to reclaim your knitting mojo.

If you’re looking for another way to spark your knitting mojo, check out our website for lots of fiber-related goodness. There, you can also sign up for our newsletter to receive extra inspiration sent straight to your inbox.


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