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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Flying and knitting…can it be done? In short, yes. But always check with the airline you’re flying with to make sure it’s allowed. Most countries do allow knitting on an airplane, but there are a few that don’t, so always do some research before your trip and check the regulations in the countries you’re visiting to save yourself a hassle at the airport.

If you look and see that knitting is allowed on your flight, here are some tips that will make knitting on the plane (and even after you’ve reached your destination) a little bit easier.

  1. Use an interchangeable circular needle and consider using wooden or plastic needle tips in place of metal ones. If you are a die-hard metal knitting needle fan like me, then pack a pair of metal needles in your checked bag so you can change them when you get to your destination. Plus, you’ll have a spare set if something happens to your other needles.

  2. Bring end stoppers or scrap yarn just in case security confiscates your needles; that way, you won’t lose any of the progress you’ve made on your WIP or drop any stitches.

  3. Only bring small to medium-sized projects. Remember, there’s not a lot of space on the airplane or on any other mode of transportation for that matter. So bring projects that don’t take up too much room. I love knitting shawls while I travel! Socks are great too.

  4. Use a project bag. There’s nothing worse than your knitting getting tangled up in the other items in your bag. Plus you can also keep all your knitting accessories together in your project bag, reducing the risk of losing them. But remember, pack scissors or similar items in your checked bag to avoid them being confiscated.

  5. Pack stitch markers, darning needles, scrap yarn, and other small items you may need in a bag or tin that closes. You can then throw them in your project bag and not have to worry about them falling out and getting lost.

  6. Print out your pattern and put it in a plastic sleeve. It will help keep your pattern dry if something were to spill on it.

  7. Bring a highlighter or pen to help you keep track of where you are in the pattern and also in case you need to make notes.

Hopefully, you find these seven tips helpful, and you’re up in the air knitting away in no time. Bon voyage and happy knitting!


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