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September is considered the most important month for fashion magazines -- they set the fall/winter trends, and it's when fashion week takes place in Milan, New York, Paris, and London.

For the wool world, September is turning out to be a jam-packed month full of European festivals and events. Another of the season's big events is Shetland Wool Week, which takes place from September 23 to October 1.

Shetland Wool Week is quite an experience, an intense week of wool, techniques, tourism, and traditions. An entire week to immerse yourself in the entire journey of wool, from animal to clothes.

2023 SWW Hat Pattern by Alison Rendall
2023 SWW Hat Pattern by Alison Rendall

Shetland Islands

The festival takes place in different parts of the Shetland archipelago. There are different events and excursions around the islands with plenty of places to learn all about Shetland wool.

The workshops are varied. The festival includes classes in dyeing, loom, spinning, fair isle, and lace, among many others. The events are classified according to difficulty level, from beginner to advanced. Shetland wool offers many color options, great warmth, and durability, which is why it's so prized.

Shetland Wool Week will also include talks and open houses at different studios where you can meet local designers and wool shops, and even see and classify wool fleeces.

You can visit the magnificent landscapes and coasts, the meadows where the sheep graze, and meet the local people. The Shetland Islands are among the best tourist destinations for people looking for pristine sceneries. People from all around the world make the trip to the islands for the festival.

Shetland Wool Week annual

The Shetland Wool Week 2023 annual has 12 unique fair isle, lace, and other knitting patterns from Shetland designers — it's the perfect way to practice the techniques from the festival.

Shetland Wool Week is an experience that many people want to live again. A place to value the work of Shetland's ranchers, shearers, spinners, and dyers, and learn techniques and share them with others.

After watching videos from past festivals and seeing the beautiful surroundings, I confess that Shetland Wool Week is now on my wish list!

Make sure to visit Shetland Wool Week's website for everything you need to know about the festival.



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