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For most crafters, summer projects are in full swing. But most of these lovely camisoles, t-shirts, and accessories have one thing in common: they are made with very small needles. These small needles make any progress slow and, therefore, a small crafting break between work and other responsibilities less satisfying. At least, in my opinion.

To take a break from knitting all those summer projects on those small needles, I decided to hop onto the striped sweater trend that has had the knitting community in its grip for at least six months.

My project of choice? Sweater no. 22 by my My Favourite Things Knitwear.

Sweater no 22 by My Favourite Things Knitwear
© My Favourite Things Knitwear

Made with worsted-weight yarn, I already know it will be a perfect sweater for the early morning commute or late evening walks. What makes Sweater no. 22 even better: this is not just your average oversized sweater. The simplicity of the design is elevated by carefully chosen details, such as the double-sided edge on the bottom of the neckband and the button detail on the left shoulder. These elements add depth and visual interest to the sweater, making it a standout piece in any wardrobe and a really fun knit.

Even though I’ve been knitting for years and have knit plenty of sweaters by now, this design still taught me some new tricks, which is always appreciated. Due to its asymmetrical design, it keeps you on your toes. The pattern even says: ‘Follow the instructions as given - without overthinking too much - everything will make sense as you progress.’ I love a good challenge, so this line in the pattern immediately got me excited. And it did all make sense and looks very, very sophisticated.

There’s also something magical about knitting stripes. Somehow you seem to knit so much faster. This sweater is flying off my needles. I’m also started making my own buttons for this sweater with clay, but from the looks of it, I will finish knitting the sweater before the buttons are finished baking. Since when is knitting the faster craft?

If you choose to make Sweater no. 22 yourself this summer, the buttons also provide a great opportunity to go treasure hunting in your vacation destination. Go out and discover some local craft stores or second-hand shops to find some special buttons. That way, you can fuse the memories of your glorious summer with this special sweater and carry both with you.



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