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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Over the past year, Laine Publishing has meticulously honed its style, showcasing a stunningly curated collection of knitting books that have truly matured. In its unwavering commitment to the knitting tradition, Laine has delved deeper, enriching the tapestry of knitting lore with works like Aleks Byrk's “Traditions Revisited,” a reverential homage to Latvian knitting heritage. It has brought folklore to our fingertips with Jenna Kostet's “Knitted Kalevala” and successfully tread the delicate balance of contemporary fashion trends with Aime Guille’s chic special editions “Worsted” and “Neons and Neutrals.”

Just when we believed Laine had revealed its full repertoire, it surpassed expectations yet again with the release of “Textured Knits.” This collection, featuring designs from the innovative Brazilian designer Paula Pereira, is an absolute revelation. As an ardent collector and enthusiast of craft books, I found it impossible to let Laine Editorial's latest gem pass by without giving it its due attention. So, dear readers, brace yourselves as I have prepared a thorough, exclusive review of this exciting new release just for you. From cover to cover, every detail is examined for your reading pleasure.

© Paula Pereira

Touch, Experience, Feel

Knitting is a personal journey through the realm of fashion, a tactile adventure that allows us to handpick materials, adjust outcomes, select vibrant hues, and savor the rustic scent of wool. Yet, if asked to pinpoint one sense that encapsulates the essence of knitting, it's unequivocally touch. Paula Pereira’s latest book, brimming with 20 unique designs, serves as a tactile roadmap to various techniques that come alive under the roving fingertips. Each design is so distinct it can be identified even with your eyes shut.

© Paula Pereira

Pereira has skillfully mastered the art of texture play in knitting. She explores inventive ways of marrying diverse textures like the architectural lines of cables, the intricate dance of colorwork, and the delicate embroidery artistry. Moreover, she deftly manipulates yarn thickness and needle sizes, pushing the boundaries of what knitting can achieve. This is not just a book—it's an invitation to explore the landscape of knitting with the most reliable guide, your touch.

My Favorite Designs

Cobogó Cardigan

© Paula Pereira

The Cobogó Cardigan offers a delightful fusion of colorwork and cabled detail, rendered in a cozy worsted-weight yarn. This plush garment serves as the perfect companion for those chilly days when all you desire is a warm embrace at home. Its design calls to mind the intricate lattice work found in southern Spain, a tangible vestige of the Al-Andalus era that graced the Iberian Peninsula.

The pattern requires two distinct shades: a base of 999-1980 meters of a primary color coupled with a vibrant contrast color spanning 270-640 meters. The scope for creativity here is boundless, ranging from the timeless elegance of black and white to the exuberant charm of bright neons.

Espedito Sweater

© Paula Pereira

The Espedito Sweater derives its name from a celebrated Brazilian artist renowned for his exquisite craftsmanship with leather. I admit, until Pereira's book fell into my hands and guided me toward his work, Espedito was a name unknown to me. But now, having delved into his art, I stand in awe of his masterful pieces. From shoes and bags to furniture, each item is a riot of colors meticulously combined through expert stitching.

What impresses me, even more, is Pereira's knack for encapsulating the essence of Espedito's spirit within her design. The sweater showcases an array of stripes, each varying in thickness, mirroring the distinct and dynamic lines found in Espedito's work. This pattern is a delightful stash-buster—it's gentle on yarn consumption due to the narrow stripes, and its versatility allows for various yarn types to be incorporated. The Espedito Sweater, therefore, is not just a tribute to an artist but also an opportunity for knitters to weave a bit of their own artistry into the fabric.

Rendado Shawl

© Paula Pereira

As both a passionate shawl knitter and wearer, I find shawls to be the perfect canvas to experiment with daring techniques and styles—those that might not harmonize with the uniform gauge of a sweater. Given that this book centers on the theme of textures, it's only fitting that I conclude this review by spotlighting the Rendado Shawl.

In Portuguese, 'Rendado' translates to 'lacy' or 'lace-trimmed,’ and this shawl truly does justice to its name. But it doesn't stop there. Beyond its lacework, it incorporates a medley of other intriguing techniques, including directional shifts in knitting. The Rendado Shawl requires between 757-777 meters of fingering-weight yarn, making it an exciting project for those who love detailed and delicate work. This unique blend of traditional lace and innovative construction results in a shawl that is not only a joy to knit but also a pleasure to wear.

Ready to cast on?

Pereira’s book illustrates the limitless potential of knitting as an art form, challenging us to push the boundaries of convention and embrace the novel and unexpected. With our hands as our guide, we're led to a tactile universe where every stitch, every technique, and every design tells a story.

So, dear reader, as we close the pages of this review and prepare to cast on these adventurous designs, let's remember that each project is more than a garment—it's a testament to our creativity, a conversation between our hands and the yarn, and a personal journey into the heart of texture. Let's celebrate our craft, let's knit with passion, and let's enjoy every moment of this tactile adventure. Happy knitting!


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