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Updated: Aug 3, 2023

On the 20th of May 2023, the first edition of the Crochet Summit took place in Lisbon at the Academic Campus of Lumiar. An event organized by Joana from @fioscruzados, which has a strong focus on mentoring and marketing techniques for greater empowerment of crafters and their brands, and sponsored by Algodões Selva, a Portuguese cotton yarn company around 50 years old.

seven people smile at the crochet summit in Portugal
Clockwise, from top left: Pepe (@algodaoselva), Joana (@fioscruzados), Tania (@boladepelocriacoes), Luísa (@alanj.handmade), André (@loftdasmantas), Mônica (@ofiodasmoiras), and Filomena.

This event was created with the aim of inspiring and motivating greater entrepreneurship and networking within our community, and it hit the spot. We all left there with renewed energy, and each one, in their own way, according to their needs or where they are on their path, left this event with seeds that will bear fruit.

The lectures were the focus of the summit, and I had the privilege of being invited to be one of the five speakers and share my experience with crochet and what it's like to work in this area. I shared the stage with Joana (@fioscruzados), Luísa, known as @alanj.handmade, Tânia, known as @boladepelocriaçoes, and André, known as @loftdasmantas. Each shared their journey, history, difficulties, and challenges overcome. Each one has a very unique path but, in reality, a lot of points in common.

people watching a talk

But the summit was also a celebration! With a tireless staff attentive to all needs and a dedicated space to take pictures with the people we were getting to know, many of whom we already knew from social media, we finally had the opportunity to meet in person.

There was a raffle booth with bags full of yarn as prizes, and during the first break, there was still time for one more surprise. Some chairs were drawn with more prizes! Of course, more bags full of yarn!

people watching a talk

Algodões Selva shared with us the cotton manufacturing process, presented their new yarn, and, to the great joy of the participants, set up a stand full of beautiful yarns at resale prices. It was a success!

There was also a small fashion show with very original crochet pieces. In the end, we had another moment to chill and enjoyed a delicious coffee break. Anyway, forgetting the nerves of going up on stage, it was a wonderful afternoon full of great emotions.


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