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Quiet luxury is the new kid on the block of fashion trends in 2023, according to fashion magazines, bloggers, and the HBO series Succession. Following the footsteps of minimalism, quiet luxury highlights quality and long-lasting clothing.

When is luxury quiet? When clothes bear no logos showing off the brand. When the focus is on materials first, neutral color palettes, muted tones, discrete looks, and versatile clothing that works on all occasions and in harmony with the rest of the wardrobe. Elle Magazine defines it as a new-age minimalism where consumption habits are thoughtful and seen as ‘investing’ in clothes that will last forever and wear well with time. It’s also a rebellion against loud fashion.

quiet luxury
An example of the inspiration behind the quiet luxury trend: Ready-to-wear Fall 2013 collection of Céline by fashion designer Phoebe Philo (Source: Vogue)

Knitters have been mastering quiet luxury for a long time. Is this a well-kept secret?

The Slanting Slipover by designer Anne Ventzel is a wonderful example of a luxurious yet simple texture in the quiet neutrals of sheep wool natural tones that blend in with coastal landscapes.

Slanting Slipover by Anne Ventzel
Slanting Slipover by Anne Ventzel, knitted in Hjelholts Uldspinderi’s Håndværksgarn | © Anne Ventzel

Some of the best handknitting designers create timeless pieces whose looks are enriched by high-quality, sustainable yarn that will stand the test of time. Here are three examples from lighter to darker neutrals that can be used alone or layered in almost all seasons.

The Hikari tee by designer Yamagara Knits is an exquisite textured piece that combines twisted ribs and seed stitches. Knitting it in neutrals highlights its graceful, tailored lines. The original yarn, amirisu Parade, is an amazing blend of wool, cotton, silk, and linen.

Hikari blouse by Yamagara Knits
Hikari blouse by Yamagara Knits for Amirisu, knitted in amirisu Parade | © Masahiro Shimazaki for amirisu

On chilly days, the Late Summer Wrap by designer Pernille Larsen is a must-have in any capsule wardrobe for all body shapes and sizes. It’s a great project for relaxing moments in-between more complex WIPs. The mix of Knitting for Olive’s merino and soft silk mohair adds a luxurious touch.

Late Summer Wrap by Pernille Larsen
Late Summer Wrap by Pernille Larsen, knitted in Knitting for Olive Merino and Soft Silk Mohair | © Pernille Larsen

The Júlia vest by designer MariaGKnits is a stunning gender-neutral piece in a calm and elegant brioche-textured fabric. Combining two neutral colors keeps it a timeless yet edgy classic. It’s inspired by dLana’s yarn La Madrilana which makes a high-quality fabric that preserves the uniqueness of locally-sourced Spanish merino wool.

Júlia Vest by MariaGKnits
Júlia Vest by MariaGKnits, knitted in dLana La Madrilana© Maria G Knits

In the quiet luxury trend, knitters are once again—no surprises!—well ahead of time. We are incredibly resourceful. We replicate that classic cardigan our grandmother knitted for herself without a pattern and wore for decades. We turn Ravelry upside down to find classic, enduring designs for daily wear on all occasions. We know where to find superb yarn that is worth the investment, from yarn brands with local, thoughtful, responsible production, sometimes at our doorstep.

Enthusiasts of quiet luxury buy less and more consciously, no longer at the mercy of fast fashion. It is about having fewer things but more of what you love. Knit all the time, wear longer—I dare say!

In the fiberverse, neutrals and classics will never be boring because we knitted them. And knitters are experts in creating timeless clothing with a twist, like the elegant long Breeze vest by designer Megumi Sawada.

Breeze vest by Megumi Sawada
Breeze vest by Megumi Sawada for Amirisu, knitted in Woolfolk Strå | © Masahiro Shimazaki for amirisu

Is there a quiet luxury project already on your wishlist?


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