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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

Wollspinnerei Vetsch is located in Pragg-Jenaz, a beautiful valley in Switzerland, close to the border with Austria and Liechtenstein. They define themselves as a highly specialized family business that is dedicated to consulting, processing, and finishing wool and other natural fibers. They offer services for wool producers, dyers, weavers, and spinners. On their website, they commit to supporting wool crafts and cooperating with their customers, suppliers, and workers.

Wollspinnerei Vetsch
© Wollspinnerei Vetsch

In large or small quantities, Wollspinnerei Vetsch produces yarn made of sheep's wool and camelids’ furs, such as alpacas or llamas. This is a great advantage for small yarn-producing farms, which can't provide large amounts of material. In their catalog of products, they have from lace-weight to bulky yarn (for carpets, for example).

Wollspinnerei Vetsch
© Wollspinnerei Vetsch

Another service they offer is the color laboratory for dyeing fleece, combed wool, or skeins. If you have raw wool, silk, or other natural fiber thread, you can request that it be dyed at Wollspinnerei Vetsch. All these services show its outstanding commitment to crafts, artisans, and small producers.

It is important to note that Wollspinnerei Vetsch is committed to the local sector. It has an assortment of felt sheets of local Swiss sheep classified as rare breeds, such as Spiegel Schaf, Roux du Valais, or Engadiner Schaf. Therefore, it’s a solid commitment to biodiversity, the conservation of native breeds, and the future of the regional sector. They are present at large wool festivals, such as the Swiss Yarn Festival, and small regional events.

Wollspinnerei Vetsch
© Wollspinnerei Vetsch

You can check out their website or make an appointment to visit the factory if you are in the area. Besides the factory, they have a small store called “Lädeli,” where you can see their great variety of yarn and their assortment of colors. They also have tools for felting and accessories for knitters and crocheters. It’s a great store and a paradise for any yarn lover.



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