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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

On June 10th, 2023, knitters from all over the world will get together to celebrate their passion for knitting. The WWKIP day was created by Danielle Landes in 2005. Her idea was to bring together all kinds of people around a shared interest. She hoped that, as more knitters joined these groups, things they had in common would become more manifest.

I was hoping that a conversation about a shared interest could spark further conversations and show people that we’re not so different from each other.” (Danielle Landes)

At that time, the date was celebrated on two days, the second Saturday and the third Sunday of June. You can see her message about WWKIP Day in her Ravelry account.

Since 2011, the Danish Astrid Salling has been in charge, maintaining the philosophy of gathering people around a common hobby. Since 2015, WWKIP has happened on the second Saturday of June, so the exact date varies from year to year.

On WWKIP Day's website, you can check a list of places where KIP events will be held. You can filter them by country, making it easier to find the closest to you.

Tips for hosting a KIP

If nothing is happening near you, why not host a meeting yourself? WWKIP Day’s website offers advice on how to organize a KIP event, with some valuable tips on choosing the best location. For example, if you choose an open-air space but live where the weather can change quickly, it's essential to have a plan B. A cafeteria can be a good option if there are these types of setbacks, but don't forget to talk to the manager first.

To publicize the event, the WWKIP Day's website suggests placing posters in nearby yarn shops or ads in local newspapers. If you'll meet in a park, don't forget to ask people to bring chairs or blankets where they can sit, and also food and drinks.

Don't miss this opportunity to get to know more people and to be able to share your love for knitting. You never know if your neighbors or people you see walking around are also knitters and can become your next travel companions when visiting a wool festival or the ones you'll have a mini KAL with!


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