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Calling all logophiles (lovers of words) and colorwork enthusiasts, today’s post is just for you!

In knitting, there are lots of ways to personalize a pattern and make it your own, like choosing your favorite colors or tweaking the length to make it just right. But did you ever think about adding words to your hand knits or knitting a design that incorporates words? Yep, you heard right, words! What better way to let your hand knits speak for themselves than to add words?

We’ve compiled three fun colorwork knitting patterns for logophiles that incorporate words into their designs, so you’ll be able to say more with your knits in no time at all.

woman wearing a colorwork sweater, destroyed jeans and combat boots crouched with her back to a grafittied wall
© Meret Bützberger

Release your inner punk with the Punk Sweater by Meret Bützberger. The Punk Sweater is a round yoke sweater that is knitted from top to bottom in stranded colorwork. The body of this sweater combines an easy background stitch pattern with graphics, all knitted in stranded colorwork.

The sweater is finished with a border in corrugated ribbing and combined with the sentence “only dead fish go with the flow.” Lastly, the sleeves are knitted; the left sleeve is knitted in a lace pattern, and the cuff is knitted in corrugated ribbing, while the right sleeve combines the background stitch pattern and a graphic in stranded knitting.

This sweater is truly one-of-a-kind and so cool. You’ll have just as much fun knitting it as you will wearing it!

Yellow and red hand-knit fingerless mitts with the words BAM! and POW! on a brick wall
© Annie Watts

Fight off the chill and unleash your inner superhero with the Fightin’ Words mittens by Annie Watts of Wattsolak Designs.

This pattern includes two sizes to choose from and is knit with a fingering-weight yarn. Make sure to pick high-contrasting colors to make the pattern on these mitts pop. The pattern includes two full charts for the right and left mitts, and the updated pattern now includes an extra PDF for you to knit an alternative PEW instead of the words POW or BAM to further customize these mitts. These would make the perfect gift for your superhero-loving bestie.

Two colorwork cowls, one in burgundy and gold, the other in gray and yellow, with the words knit, purl, and yarn, on the grass.
© Cori Eichelberger

Let your love for knitting speak for itself with the Knitwords Cowl by Cori Eichelberger. This cowl is knit completely in the round with worsted-weight yarn, so you’ll be finished in no time at all. There is a shorter and longer version to choose from, but you can easily customize the cowl to be as long as you want. Pick as many colors as you like and cast on. Everyone will see how much you love knitting when you proudly wear this cowl.

Knitting a pattern with words is a fun way for your personality to show through your hand knits. If you are interested in adding your own letters or words to a pattern, here is a free letter chart from Pacific Knit Co. that you can use to add words to whatever you’re knitting and make it one of a kind. You can add initials to a blanket or choose a word that is meaningful to you and add it to a cowl that will inspire you every time you wear it. The possibilities are endless!

So, what will you be “writing” on your next knitting project?



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