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I’ve always been a reader. Give me some time and a cozy spot, and I can sit there with my book and read for hours on end. If you’re looking for some books to get you in the mood for fall and Halloween, here are three fall books to add to your reading list.

"Spells for Forgetting" book cover

"Spells for Forgetting" is an adult fantasy filled with magic, mystery, and a little bit of romance. If you’re looking for a magical read with a little bit of spooky to it, this one is perfect.

When she was a teen, Emery's best friend was found dead, and her then-boyfriend was the one who was accused of killing her. Years later, Emery is living a quiet existence in Saoirse, running her family’s business. One day, strange things start to happen on the island; all the trees have changed colors overnight. August, Emery’s high school boyfriend, returns to the island, and they both work together to discover the past that the town has tried for years to bury and forget.

"Practical Magic" book cover

Would this even be an article about fall books if we didn’t include "Practical Magic"? I think not. This is a classic, and if you haven’t already read it, then you definitely need to. It’s also a popular movie, but personally, I liked the book better.

This book is about the Owens sisters. For over 200 years, the Owens women have been blamed for everything bad that’s happened in their Massachusetts town. Sisters Gillian and Sally have forever been outsiders, and all they have ever wanted to do was escape, but their magical bond will bring them back whether they like it or not.

"The Pumpkin Spice Café" book cover.

Shout out to all you pumpkin spice lovers out there! This fall book needs to jump to the top of your reading list. Grab yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte and get pulled into a sweet romance.

Jeanie’s aunt gifts her the Pumpkin Spice Café, and she’s very excited to have a fresh start away from her boring desk job. Logan is a local farmer who doesn’t like to partake in town gossip. He wants nothing to do with Jeanie, but he finds himself drawn to her. Will Jeanie’s upbeat attitude win over the grumpy farmer, or will he be the one person in town who won’t fall for her charm?

For more book suggestions, check out this article with more romantic reads to put on your list.


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