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I don’t know about you, but where I live, there’s a definite chill in the air. For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the middle of fall, and after months of waiting for the cooler weather to arrive, it’s finally here. You know what that means—it's time to wrap up in all the knits, including knee-high socks!

Knee-high socks were all the rage in the 1960s and 1970s and have been loved by many ever since. But did you know that this fashion trend got its start in the Roman Empire for warmth and protection and eventually evolved into a fashion accessory?

If you’re ready to add some knee-high socks to your wardrobe, here are three patterns to keep you warm on those super-chilly days when normal socks just won’t cut it or when you just want to be extra cozy.

A woman is wearing a pair of black and lacy hand-knit knee-high socks.
© Meret Bützberger

If you want a beautiful pair of lacy knee-high socks, the ChillOut Socks by Meret Bützberger are made for you. These socks were designed to be worn during a cozy day at home, perfect for some Knitflix marathons on a stormy fall day. Meret designed these socks using a 50% silk, 50% merino blend yarn, which means your feet will be wrapped luxuriously in the coziest socks you’ve ever made.

A woman sits wearing pink ribbed knee-high socks.
© Casual Fashion Queen

If you are looking for a more casual knee-high sock that you can wear with some boots or while lounging around at home, check out the Loose Socks by Sheena from Casual Fashion Queen. These socks are knit top-down and were designed to be a hybrid of leg warmers and your favorite hand-knit socks. As Sheena says, these truly are “the best of both worlds.”

A woman stands next to a woven basket with flowers, wearing white knee-high socks with cables and a white dress.
© Victoria Chaplina

I couldn’t resist these knee-high socks with cables. The Misty Knee Socks by Victoria Chaplina combine different types of cables and chunky yarn textures. These rustic yet stylish socks will keep your feet and legs warm and are perfect for the colder weather. These socks are knit with worsted or aran weight yarn, which means they will knit up quickly thanks to the thicker yarn.

If you are new to sock knitting, don’t let that scare you away from knitting any of these knee-high sock patterns! Take a look at our article, where you’ll learn everything you need to know to knit your first pair of socks successfully, and if you are ready to learn even more, check out this article about toe-up vs. top-down socks, where you’ll learn the pros and cons of both types of socks, which will help you determine what type of socks you prefer to knit.


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