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Traveling along the coast of Denmark by the North Sea, I came across the chance to make a slight detour to Isager’s yarn store in Tversted on a sunny, chilly morning. I’m so pleased that I took the opportunity and joined the small group of people entering this precious place just when its doors opened!

A quiet countryside road through blooming green fields leads to Isager’s shop.
A quiet countryside road through blooming green fields leads to Isager’s shop. | © Inês Peixoto

You can truly live and breathe Isager’s aesthetics just as soon as you approach the road leading to the shop in Tversted. It's located in an unassuming, simple building that radiates the brand’s style-meets-comfort aesthetics. As I entered, I immediately felt the Scandinavian atmosphere that Isager expresses in its yarn, color palette, and patterns.

Entrance to Isager’s shop and detail of shelves.
Entrance to Isager’s shop and detail of shelves. | © Inês Peixoto

In a unique way, I also sensed traces of the coastal rural landscape through which I had been traveling in the last couple of days. Having seen Isager yarns in almost every local yarn store I’ve been to, I was surprised to realize that looking closely at the whole yarn collection and touching it right here felt different. Entering the brand’s universe felt like a special privilege.

A view over one part of the shop: the color palettes and sample knits pop out!
A view over one part of the shop: the color palettes and sample knits pop out! | © Inês Peixoto

Besides the beautiful interior design, one of the amazing things about this shop is the stellar display of sample knits—socks, sweaters, shawls, and more—and swatches. Isager is well known for the possibility of combining different yarn weights and colors (held double or triple) in the same garment to create stunning plain, marled, or faded textures. At the shop in Tversted, you can delight yourself for as long as you want with these beautiful combinations. There is even a sofa under a ceiling glass window where you can take a pause to gather creative thoughts and plan the projects you’ll make with all the marvelous yarn.

Sample knits and yarn
The sample knits are spread through the shop, close by neatly arranged shelves full of yarn. | © Inês Peixoto

In Tversted, I could experience some of the history behind the brand and how it's deeply connected to the crafts tradition of Northern Denmark. Isager’s origins can be placed in the pioneering work of Åse Lund Jensen, a knitwear designer who eventually handed over her business to Marianne Isager just before she passed away. You can find all about the fascinating history of the brand and its founders on its website. In the same courtyard as the shop, you will find Tversted Skole, a crafts-inspired cultural center hosting artist workshops, courses, exhibitions, and events. Honoring this tradition, the shop displays not only yarn, knitting books, magazines, and accessories but also delicate and graceful textiles, ceramics, and baskets by different brands and artisans.

Sample knits and yarn
Sample knits and yarn are laid out alongside ceramics and other crafted objects. | © Inês Peixoto

The irresistible Isager store and the idyllic Danish coastal landscape are great excuses for a trip to Northern Denmark. If you’re an enthusiast of Isager or just passionate about beautiful yarn and crafts, I recommend reserving some time to visit Tversted. I felt immersed in a history and tradition that honor knitting as a craft but do extend well beyond.


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