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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

Magic loop and DPNs are methods for knitting in the round when we have a small number of stitches that won't occupy the entire circumference of the cable and the needles. Now we also have the option of Addi Crasy Trio, a mix between magic loop and DPNs that more and more knitters use every day.

Addi Crasy Trio

Knitting small circles is complicated if you can't find the best method for you. These options are adapted to our needs, and knowing the different systems help us make our choice.

Magic Loop

The magic loop is a widely used technique in which we use long circular needles with at least 32" (80 cm) long cables. However, many knitters complain about gauge variation and gaps between the needles.


  • You can knit both small and large circumferences with the same needle.

  • It allows you to knit two socks or sleeves at the same time.


  • You must be careful with the stitch tension to avoid gaps between the needles.

  • You must carry around two balls of yarn when knitting two socks or sleeves simultaneously.


Working with double-pointed needles is another method to knit small circumferences. Generally, the number of stitches is divided into four needles, and the fifth is used to knit them.


  • The gaps between needles aren't as noticeable as in the magic loop.


  • You must be careful with the needles on standby to avoid the stitches falling off them.

  • It usually takes more time to master this technique.

  • You can't work two sleeves or socks at the same time.

Addi Crasy Trio

Addi Crasy Trio is an excellent option for knitters who don't enjoy working with magic loop and DPNs. It's a set of three needles made of 2 points joined together by a small cable about 2” (5 cm) long. One needle point is sharper, and the other is more rounded. The flexible cable gives it an arc shape that easily adapts to different circumferences. You just need to divide the stitches into two needles and use the third to knit them.


  • Addi Crasy Trio adapts to many types of circumferences.

  • They're perfect for knitting socks.

  • It's easier to avoid gaps since you are working with three needles.

  • There's less risk of losing stitches.


  • You can't work two sleeves or socks at the same time.

In conclusion, if you are one of those knitters who dislike magic loop and think DPNs are too complicated, we suggest you give Addi Crasy Trio a try!


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