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We're thrilled to introduce our new series of articles all about KnitLeaks' awesome collaborations and the valuable lessons we've learned from them. Our goal is to create a thriving community of passionate makers who support and inspire each other, and we're excited to share our experiences with you.

During our first year, we had the pleasure of partnering with some of the most respected names in the fiber industry, and we can't wait to tell you all about it.

This series is all about our genuine portrayal of real-life events, based solely on our personal experiences, and is not sponsored content. We're excited to take you on this journey with us, so stay tuned for some fantastic insights and inspiring stories!

Olga is a well-known personality in the fiber arts community, renowned for her captivating and delightful social media content. You can find her on Instagram and TikTok as @gotham.knits, where she shares a unique blend of humor, intelligence, and creativity with her followers.

Two women in front of a shelf full of yarn skeins. The woman on the left is asian and is wearing a green shawl, and the woman on the right is white and is wearing a black head covering.
Me (left) and Olga (right) at Brooklyn General Store in NYC.

What distinguishes Olga's content is that it's more than just about knitting or crocheting. It reflects her personality and passion for fiber arts. Olga is a master of witty one-liners and clever quips, which she seamlessly weaves into each fiber-related masterpiece she presents. Her work is entertaining and inspiring, as she generously shares her expertise and knowledge with her followers.

My first encounter with Olga was during a Knit Along (KAL) hosted by the talented Paula Leme, also known as Jojo Tricot, in 2021. Despite being busy with dinner preparations, Olga took the time to greet everyone and engage with them warmly. Her down-to-earth nature and charming personality were endearing, making her even more relatable and admired.

Later, I met Olga again at the Latines y Lanas Panel hosted by Ana Campos and Louis Boria during a Vogue Knitting Virtual online event. Throughout the event, Olga's professionalism, dedication, and willingness to share her wisdom were palpable. Her passion for fiber arts and her commitment to her craft are remarkable.

In October 2023, I had another opportunity to meet Olga in person during the days before Rhinebeck events in New York Upstate. We connected over a cup of coffee, and I was struck by her sharp intellect, quick wit, and warm personality. During our conversation, Olga and I shared our experiences and insights. I also learned that she is a talented photographer. Despite juggling multiple responsibilities, Olga is a true professional deeply committed to her craft and followers.

Recently, I had the honor of working with Olga on a joint video for VKL, and it was a phenomenal experience. Throughout the project, Olga's drive, meticulous attention to detail, and creative mind were evident and genuinely inspiring.

From my experiences collaborating with Olga, I learned the importance of passion and dedication in providing engaging content. Her commitment to her audience demonstrated the power of genuine love for what one does. Olga also taught me the significance of using humor and intelligence to create engaging content. She showed that creating content isn't just about the final product but also the personality and humor infused in the process. Her ability to generously share her expertise and knowledge was both inspiring and enlightening. Finally, Olga's meticulous attention to detail and creativity showed me the potential of what can be achieved in fiber arts.

Moreover, working with Olga taught me the importance of building a real community. She showed me that it's not just about individual success but about uplifting and supporting others, sharing knowledge, and creating a space for like-minded people to connect and grow together. Olga's approachability and willingness to engage with her followers and collaborators highlighted the value of building solid relationships and networks in our field.

Her professionalism and dedication were also exemplary. She demonstrated that regardless of the size of the audience or the scale of the project, maintaining a high standard of quality and putting in the necessary effort is crucial. She showed me that every detail matters and that these details make a piece truly special and appreciated by its audience.

These are lessons that I will carry forward in my journey in this field.

If you haven't already, I wholeheartedly recommend you check out Gotham Knits and immerse yourself in Olga's captivating world.


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