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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Hello, fellow fiber enthusiasts! It's that exciting time of the year again when our usually solitary world of stitches and skeins opens into a lively, vibrant community bursting with shared passion and creativity. Yes, it's time for Barcelona Knits 2023, our beloved annual festival that turns knitting, typically a cozy, private affair, into a grand celebration of collective joy, learning, and of course, yarn-squeezing fun!

Barcelona Knits 2023

There is an undeniable charm in the energy of Barcelona Knits, an electric buzz that springs from the union of knitters from around the globe. It is our much-awaited chance to exchange online emojis for real-life hugs, to replace screen-shared projects with tactile show-and-tell, and to take a deep dive into the fantastic pool of workshops and events.

In this article, we're about to embark on a journey of our own, an exclusive sneak peek into the tempting array of workshops on offer this year and some of the inspiring maestros who'll be at the helm of these learning adventures. So, prepare yourself for a whirlwind tour of what promises to be an extraordinary Barcelona Knits 2023. Let's dive into the magical world of knitting, where the stitches are fresh, the patterns are thrilling, and the teachers are nothing short of knitting wizards!

I am totally biased against Vanessa Pellisa because I know her personally. I am part of her test knitting group and have edited some of her patterns. Nevertheless, you have my word; all my opinions are based on Vanessa’s professional track record in knitting design. Vanessa is a technique lover, and she integrates the most complicated constructions with delicacy and style in timeless designs taken out from ethereal scenes from a picnic or a calm stroll by the sea. This year she teaches two workshops, “Aventuras Cortas” about short rows for an entry level, and “Introducción al Double-Knitting” to learn the basics of Double-Knitting for an intermediate level.

Introducing Estefa, the creative genius behind the revered Spanish crochet brand, "Santa Pazienzia.” Translated as "Holy Patience," the name is a playful nod to the patience and perseverance that are often our steadfast companions when we embark on a new handmade hobby. But Santa Pazienzia isn't just about patterns. It's a fusion of modern crochet design and a bespoke line of accessories, including exquisitely crafted project bags that are proudly manufactured in Spain.

As a teacher, Estefa’s expertise shines just as brightly as her brand. Her workshop, "Cómo tejer un chal a crochet usando vueltas cortas" or "How to knit a crochet shawl using short rows," promises to be an immersive, enlightening experience. What's more, you have not one but two opportunities to join this workshop, as it will be held on both Saturday and Sunday.

I have to confess I didn’t know Rosso Cardinale until I saw the program, and I fell in love with his style! Rosso Cardinale is the personal brand of Dario Tubiana, an Italian knitwear designer who took up knitting as a child and hasn't stopped since. He has collaborated with international fashion firms such as United Colors of Benetton and currently collaborates with Laboratori Knitwear.

Dario is teaching two workshops in English: “Drawing and Blending with Embroidery on Wool” and "3D Embroidery on Wool: Wild Flowers” both around the embellishment of knitted garments, both suitable for beginners and experimented knitters!

Having personally had the pleasure of knowing Lucía, I might be a tad biased, but I can confidently affirm that she is an extraordinary instructor. Her architectural background lends a meticulous and organized methodology to her teaching approach that, without a doubt, facilitates a more comfortable and efficient learning experience. Lucía embodies consistency, resilience, and creativity in her work.

She has been instrumental in guiding countless people to master the art of knitting through her online courses. Additionally, her books consistently top the charts in the book sections of all local yarn stores every year. Lucía’s approach to teaching isn’t just about sharing knowledge—it’s about inspiring a passion for the craft that stays with her students long after the lessons are over. She will teach a workshop about knitting your own sweater (and making it fit!), "Cómo tejer tu primer jersey” and another about designing asymmetric triangular shawls, “Diseño de chales triangulares asimétricos,” both for an intermediate level.

The American-Puerto Rican knitwear designer and philanthropist known as Brooklyn Boy Knits, has channeled his passion for fiber arts into a platform where he collaborates actively with the community.

From a fledgling knitter to a seasoned designer, a compelling Tedx speaker to an influential figure, he has partnered with textile artists, industry leaders, community associates, and school districts to deliver programs. These initiatives are designed to teach young students the importance of appreciating differences. Louis will teach two workshops for intermediate levels: “Designing your own hat” and “Asymmetrical Shawl Design with Textures.”

Stay tuned!

We've just scratched the surface of the kaleidoscope of talent that awaits us at Barcelona Knits 2023. Each one of these virtuosos brings something unique to the table, from Vanessa's knack for intricate designs, Estefa's modern crochet style, Dario's eclectic blend of experiences, Lucía's methodical and comprehensive teaching, to Louis's community-centered approach. In the next article, we will talk about five more amazing knitting instructors that will take part in this fantastic event.

So, keep those needles clicking and your excitement brewing, as the most thrilling celebration of the knitting world is just around the corner!


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