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Originally written in Spanish.

Linda Skuja is a crochet designer from Riga, Latvia, who has published patterns in major magazines. In her own words, her design inspiration is imperfection. With this in mind, she has developed her career, mastering the technique of short rows and using three-dimensional stitches. Most of her designs use a combination of both.

Being a specialist in short rows, she has decided to share her knowledge in her debut course at Domestika. Moreover, she has created a book with 15 textured crochet sweater patterns, where she aims to simplify what seems complicated, teaching techniques and constructions for garments that will have a special place in our closets.

She has revealed eight patterns, and I already have my favorite. It's Malduguns (Fen Fire) Sweater, a top-down piece in which puff stitches, short rows, and 3D stitches form a lovely circular yoke. The pattern will be available with short and long sleeves so that you can make summer and winter versions.

woman wearing red short sleeves crochet sweater
Malduguns (Fen Fire) Sweater | © Linda Skuja

Another beautiful sweater is Nora (Forest Meadow), which combines long loops (broomstick loops crochet) with herringbone and classic crochet stitches. A combination that seems very fun to make as it has so much variation in stitches.

woman wearing a dark green crochet sweater
Nora Sweater | © Linda Skuja

And lastly, the Liedags (Seashore) Sweater has textured stitches and short rows forming waves reminiscent of the sea's trail in the sand. You will be able to learn Linda's technique for constructing it sideways.

woman wearing a dark grey crochet sweater
Liedags (Seashore) Sweater | © Linda Skuja

Her book "Crochet Sweaters with a Textured Twist" is on presale and will be released on September 5 — if you are in Europe, it almost coincides with the beginning of the school year. This book has many opportunities if you feel like learning new techniques or improving the ones you know. It seems to be an excellent way to start your crochet school year.


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