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Next October 26, an island by the Pacific Coast of Canada welcomes knitters from different parts of the world in a retreat organized by Knit Social in Canada.

Amanda and Fiona from Knit Social are the hosts of this three-night retreat dedicated to the fiber arts. They have broad experience producing social events for knitters for over 10 years, including the well-known Knit City Vancouver and Knit City Montréal. The Pender Island retreat will include workshops, social events, visits to local yarn shops, and a small marketplace.

landscape with pine trees and a marina with boats and yatchs
Pender Island (source:

Including a pair of stellar workshops

Knitting retreats are great places to focus on learning new techniques in a laid-back atmosphere. In Pender Island, designers Joji Locatelli and Olga Buraya-Kefelian will kick off the creative learning spaces with workshops for small groups. Participants will leave Pender Island with their hands and brains full of new, exciting skills.

Joji’s workshop is called “Design Your Own Drop Shoulder Cardigan.” It’s a must-have for anyone who likes to make or adapt their own knits. This knowledge is helpful not only for understanding better the drop-shoulder technique but also for adapting existing patterns to different bodies. There won’t be a lack of opportunities to practice the technique after the workshop. Elton, La Prairie, All of the Lights: Joji’s Ravelry is full of lovely drop-shoulder cardigans to try out.

woman wearing yellow striped cardigan over black dress
Joji’s Elton lovely cardigan has a drop shoulder construction (© Joji Locatelli)

Olga’s “3D Knitwear Workshop” will teach an intriguing technique that is perhaps best described as origami meets architecture meets knitting. The workshop shows how the combination of the right fiber, yarn, technique, and construction can produce impressive textures. Olga has been teaching the technique in different workshops in festivals and retreats around the world. After becoming 3D knitting wizards, there are plenty of scarves, shawls, and cowls for knitters to try out in Olga’s Ravelry.

red-haired woman wearing a colorful knitted cowl and a blue coat
Olga’s Moko-Moko is an impressive 3D knit construction (© Olga Buraya-Kefelian)

Amidst the forest, by the sea

Pender Island, located along the Pacific Coast of British Columbia in Canada, is a place of great natural beauty. No wonder it’s also a popular holiday destination with many hiking routes. Surrounded by this landscape, the participating knitters will spend four inspiring days by the ocean.

cabin by a lake surrounded by trees
Poets Cove Resort & Spa (source:

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