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It's no secret that women's clothing often lacks functional pockets. From jeans that cruelly tease us with the shape of a pocket but provide no space to dresses and skirts that seem designed to make us dependent on purses, the absence of pockets feels like a fashion conspiracy against convenience.

However, knitted garments offer a solution. No, they can't hold endless weight, but the sheer joy of having a pocket to slip your phone or keys into is an experience many women crave. Plus, let's not underestimate the freedom of not being tethered to a handbag!

The Patch Pocket

Perfect for: Any Garment, Really!

The patch pocket is the easiest custom pocket you can add to any garment. You're knitting a square and sewing it onto your completed garment.

woman wearing beige vest with pockets over shirt
© Gregoria Fibers

The Inseam Pocket

Perfect for: Sweaters and Cardigans.

The inseam pocket is knitted as you go along, resulting in an almost invisible pocket that blends seamlessly with your garment. When you reach the spot where you want the pocket, you'll knit the front and back for several stitches equivalent to the pocket's width, fold it, and continue knitting. All that's left to do is sew the sides together at the end.

blond woman wearing dark grey cardigan with pockets over white blouse and jeans
© PetiteKnit

The Afterthought Pocket

Perfect for: Sweaters and Hoodies.

The afterthought pocket works similarly to an afterthought heel in sock knitting. You secure some stitches where you want your pocket by knitting back and forth with a scrap piece of yarn. Once the garment is finished, pick up the held stitches and knit in the round, forming a tube. Close the bottom of the pocket with a three-needle bind-off, or simply sew it shut.

blond woman wearing a colorwork sweater with pockets
© Andrea Mowry

Explore More Unique Techniques

For those feeling adventurous, other unique pocket-knitting techniques await you. One example is the structured pockets featured in the Structures Cardigan by Carmen Garcia de Mora.

women with grey speckled cardigan over yellow dress walking in the woods
© Carmen Garcia de Mora

The Power of Pockets

Having functional pockets, especially in women's clothing, is empowering. Adding pockets through knitting solves a practical issue and allows for creative customization. It's a reminder that pockets aren't just a detail—they're a necessary part of garment design that can greatly enhance your daily life.

Have you ever thought about knitting a pocket to repair damage in a garment? Check out our article with a suggestion on how to do it.


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