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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

Lærke Bagger is a Danish knitwear designer with a unique style known for her colorful designs and materials. She studied textile design specializing in hand-knitting at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, an experience that she has been able to capture in each of her patterns.

Her designs are renowned for incorporating knots, beading, and fringes. She is a master in a technique that uses a base yarn in a neutral color and incorporates colorful scraps, resulting in a one-of-a-kind garment.

Lærke Bagger
© Lærke Bagger

Lærke Bagger's first book Strik, published in August 2021, is a bestseller that has been translated into six languages. Its English edition, titled Close Knit, was released in November 2022. In this book, she urges the reader to throw away stitch markers and forget about established rules. What better way to do this exercise than with the book's patterns for sweaters, cardigans, and other projects? A great example is the Carpe Diem Sweater pattern, where she explains how to add beads to knitting, creating an interesting effect depending on the amount and variety of beads.

Lærke Bagger
© Lærke Bagger

The designer tells us to take the pressure off of making the perfect sweater, to incorporate “mistakes” into the final garment, and to enjoy the process. The book also includes different techniques and is recommended for beginner to more advanced knitters.

After the first book's success, Strik 2 is now on pre-order and will be available in August 2023 — a book that talks about her life, happy and sad memories, and the mental well-being that knitting produces. It will include ten patterns you can make for adults, children, and Barbies. It’s a book that is much more than knitting; it’s an experience.


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