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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

The fiber world is vast, and its dissemination is essential. Many people tell how they learned to knit or crochet thanks to the teaching of their mothers and grandmothers. Although this knowledge is passed from generation to generation, some people, like me, have learned these crafts on digital media such as YouTube and German TV programs.

When I lived in Spain, there weren't any TV shows that talked about crafts; when I moved to Germany, I found such programs on local public television. There are segments in the morning or mid-afternoon programs — typical entertainment shows with current news, interviews, cooking recipes, and some screen time for the craft world, including sewing, scrapbooking, decoration with plants, concrete, and of course, crochet and knitting.

Buffet - ARD Channel

Naturally, my favorites are crochet and knitting, so that's what I usually pay attention to. The program I like to watch is called Buffet, on ARD Channel. The projects created by the expert Tanja Steinbach are typically simple but with different techniques. They are presented in about five minutes, but the pattern and all the essential information can be found on the channel's website. There is also a YouTube channel where you can watch just the creative segment of the show. Now that we are in the summer, they have presented a hat and a sweater ideal for this season.

The TV channel has recently released a book with several knitting and crochet projects that have appeared on the show over the years. I was gifted this book during my visit to H+H Cologne, and I plan to crochet a couple of projects.

ARD Buffet Mein Häkelbuch book
© Alicia Arroyo

There are other articles in KnitLeaks about the benefits of crafting. I believe it should be taught in schools, museums, and other organizations and have some screen time on television too.


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