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Originally written in Spanish.

Although there have already been some heat waves in the northern hemisphere, in central Europe, we still want to wear a shawl over our shoulders during an evening walk. I like the ones made in crochet with a triangular shape, with different stitch repeats and increases at the edges of the triangle.

A great example is the Lost in Time Shawl by Swedish designer Johanna Lindahl, the person behind Mijo Crochet.

Lost in Time Shawl by Johanna Lindahl
© Johanna Lindahl

Lost in Time Shawl, as of the date of this article, has 5,848 projects created in Ravelry and is in 57,818 accounts’ favorites list. The designer named the shawl after its vintage inspiration.

The shawl consists of 12-row repeats, making it easier to customize since you can make it the size you want following the designer's instructions. After that, the edging has three rows.

If you access the projects page on Ravelry, you can see it in many color combinations. It also looks great in a single color since it has a lot of texture.

Lost in Time Shawl is ideal for 1000m yarn cakes with ombré tones, in case you don't feel like combining colors. With one cake, the pattern, and a crochet hook, you have a perfect shawl to make repeatedly. If you still have some yarn after finishing the shawl, you can make one tassel for each corner and use all of it.

The pattern is available in 19 different languages, so this can't be a barrier to making this shawl. The pattern contains written instructions and images.

If time flies by while making the shawl, there is also a pattern for making a blanket or rug, depending on the amount of yarn you want. If you like its texture, there is no excuse for you not to put it on your future projects list.

Lost in Time Shawl by Johanna Lindahl
© Johanna Lindahl

Check out other shawl suggestions, such as the Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart, the Imilga Shawl by Inese Sang, and the Eyelet Burst Shawl by Stephen West.



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